Monday, May 3, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: Passda vs Shok

Passda started the first round of rhyme battle funny. Shok had funny metaphors and was making real funny ass asian jokes while he was rapping. Passda said was funny as hell to when he was rhyming. Shok won this round of the battle in my opinion by a little bit.

In the second round Passda made ashy jokes and he seemed to be spitting rhymes that he came up with off the top spontaneously. Passda did pretty good for a freestyle I would have to say. Shok over whelmed Passda's rap content with his over powering lyrics. Shok surely won this second round of the battle .

In round three Passda held on and put up a good round. Passda broughy some light hearted laughs to this round of the battle. Shok stayed consistent with his hardcore metaphors in this round. Shok took this round of the rhyme bout .

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