Saturday, May 8, 2010

Pop Culture vs Miles Low, AHAT Las Vegas Rap Battle League

Miles Low started the first round of the rap battle. Miles Low was straight and he had a consistent rap verse and his delivery was smooth. Pop Culture had an off the top seeming delivery or maybe he just forgot his rhymes but anyways his rap verse wasn't so smooth an it seemed like he finished spitting his verse extra early because he messed up. Miles Low won this round of the battle

In the second round aka the last round of this battle Miles Low continued to do his thing and stayed consistent. Miles Low spit a nice consistent rap verse with no slip ups or accidents. Pop Culture seemed to have ended his rhyme verse a bit early again his ending wasn't so smooth.I must say Pop Culture had some witty punchlines and he more animated rhymes but his verse was inconsistent. Based on these fact I would say that Miles Low took that win.

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