Monday, May 3, 2010

J Taylor Vs 2K - TAOF3 FINAL

J Taylor started the rhyme bout off with some sickness. he went hard and I loved his crafty witty rhymes. he had a few wack rap bars.2K sounded better like he knew what he was talking about during this first round of the battle. In my opinion 2K won this battle.

In the second round of the battle J Taylor rapped off key with the beat. 2k had smoother rap flow and was more fluent. J Taylor messed up when he was said his Mc verse.2K ripped J Taylor in this round of the battle as well . J taylor just wasn't saying anything good and 2k had a better flow when he was rapping. Therefore I would say J Taylor won this round of the battle.

In the third round of the battle 2K served J Tatlor again. J Taylor wasn't smooth enough during this round of the battle. 2K just continued to do his thing and spit that fire. 2K sounded much better than J Taylor in this round and beat 2K.

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