Thursday, May 20, 2010

KOTD - Nebula vs T.H.C.

Nebula was a thorough MC in round one. Nebula spit his heart out in round one and did his thing. Nebula was better more consistent syllable rapper. T.H.C. spit a an unstructured freestyle rap verse and didn't say anything worth quoting and the end if his rhyme verse made no sense. Nebula won this round of the rap cypher.

In the second round Nebula continued to get up in his opponents ass when he was rapping. Nebula messed up while he was spitting his rap verse. T.H.C. tried to freestyle rap again. This round sucked even worse for him he messed up even worse and he started to get nervous and he apologized to the crowd. T.H.C. had truly weird ending in this round of the battle. Nebula won this cypher but it wasn't much of a accomplishment since T.H.C. was off the dome freestyling.

Nebula continued in round three to spit his own battle raps. Nebula's punchlines weren't the best but they weren't that great but at least it was straight and consistent. T.H.C. stuck it out and didn't do too bad but in a rap battle you are supposed to have a thorough. Nebula won this round of the rhyme battle

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