Tuesday, May 11, 2010


CARDI started the battle off first and hit him with some hard punchlines. CARDI started off soft with a teaser or two in his first punchline but before you knew after a rhyme bar or two CARDI was more ferocious in his battle rhymes. I guess TROUBLE was thinking of his rhymes spontaneouly because he was talking junk about CARDI for spitting written rap verses. TROUBLE did better than most people I see that freestyle rap. TROUBLE was straight when it came to rapping with lyricism and had a few very funny punchlines but his delivery was more interesting. I think in the first round he was better on the comedy tip more than the rap tip. This round of the rhyme battle based on rhymes and punchlines alone would go to CARDI in my opinion.

In the second round CARDI stayed real consistent with more hard punchlines and metaphors. CARDI told a story during this round of the rhyme battle. TROUBLE started off the battle trying to tell a story but it sounded unorganized but it didn't sound that bad because the delivery was hot. TROUBLE's verse interesting but his rhyme style was sloppy. Based on rhyme skill I would say that CARDI won this round of the battle.

In the third round of this battle CARDI had some hard punchlines. TROUBLE kept the crowd entertained during his round of the battle.TROUBLE was equally matched with hard punchlines in my opinion. TROUBLE's last punchline was wack and stumped everybody thank god the ref stopped him before he said some more nonsense. This round of the battle was a tie.



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