Friday, May 28, 2010

DON'T FLOP - Sensa Vs Scizzahz

Sensa started the rap clash rapping about Scizzahz's girl only liking he has a Jewish nose. Throughout this round Sensa made Jewish and nose jokes and a few hot punchlines. My favorite punchline that he said was, "you clearly lost to truth like a defense attorney". That was one of the best metaphors I heard all week. Scizzahz started off talking about what Sensa wears and he got the crowd hyped up when he spoke about how many views Sensa gets on Youtube. Sensa played him when he was brought up what Sensa does for a living supposedly. Sensa won this round of the rapping battle.

Sensa started off talking about the album Scizzahz recorded. Sensa said that Scizzahz girl had more money and bigger muscles than him Sensa had another good metaphor about Scizzahz's nostils. Scizzahz went sick with the syllabic raps off the beginning. Scizzahz made fun of Sensa's album collection.Scizzahz had a slick ending I liked it. This round of the rap dispute was a tie.

In the third chapter of this rap contest Sensa said that he went to Scizzahz show and his turntable was powered by two fagots on excercise bikes. Sensa brought up all of his accomplishments and every rapper that he beat internationally and nationally. Scizzahz countered Sensa talking about his girl and had the crowd hyped up when he said something about Nick Griffin. Scizzahz said at least his girl doesn't have kids. Scizzahz tried to say that Sensa had two wins that were un fair. Scizzahz won this round of the rap battle.

In the last round of the cypher Scizzahz tried to say that Sensa neglects his daughter for his rap dream. Scizzahz said that Sensahas heavy addiction to gambling and that his life isn't that tough of a place to be.Sensa countered and told Scizzahz to keep his nose out of his business which seemed to change the momentum of the crowd they all seemed to be rooting for him more. Sensa tried to relate Scizzahz to the pirate Jack it wasn't bad real creative. Me personally I think Scizzahz won this rap clash.


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