Thursday, May 20, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: Casper vs KaveMan Brown (Tryout Battle)

When Casper started the first round of the rhyme battle he came hard but funny. Casper was definitely an interesting character when he rapped it was almost like Stone Cold Steve Austin trying to rap but he was great. KaveMan Brown was not going out without a fight you could feel his hunger in his rap delivery.KaveMan Brown tried to say Casper looked like Gold Berg This round of the rap cypher was a tie.

In the second round Casper continued to be a funny rapper in this round of the cipher. Casper had some what of a spontaneous rap flow in the second round of the cypher. Casper started off calmly then ended his rap verse fierce. He was great at rhyming and made a ton of KaveMan jokes when he was rapping and tried to call KaveMan Brown a wife beater. KaveMan Brown tried to show off his lyrical skills. KaveMan Brown had a metaphor or two that you had to think about for a minute. This round of the rap cipher was a tie.

In the third round of this rhyme cipher Casper continued to keep the crowds reaction. Casper had a threatening style rap verse. KaveMan Brown went hard and kept on showing off his smart technical rhyme style.This round of the battle was a tie.

In the last round of the cypher KaveMan Brown continued to go in on Casper until he messed up but even when he messed up he picked right back up and killed his verse and had a funny rap ending. Casper told a story for his verse.Caspers story was hell of funny interesting and creative. If you ask me my opinion Casper won this round of the Hip Hop cypher

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