Friday, May 28, 2010

Grind TIme Now presents D-Lor vs Phranchyze

Phranchyze started the rap battle with funny word play and a loud rap delivery. Phranchyze was a beast in round 1 and had a smooth ending. D-Lor was great with the sylabic raps and finishing off his punchlines in a smooth manor his wasn't as shaky as a lot of other rappers who battle. This round of the cypher was an evenly matched tie in my opinion.

Phranchyze was slick when he spit his verse and I like when he said D-Lor's mother put his privates at ease like a army major he even switched it up and spit his raps in spanish. when it was time to spit D-Lor spit those smart metapohors and slick word play. I liked his punchline referring to how he'll smack the country in to Phranchyze's voice. This round of the rapping battle was a tie.

PhranchyzeIn this last round Phranchyze had a weaker verse in my opinion. D-Lor came hard in this round with a better delivery and more punchlines. D-Lor had two good of an ending in his raps. D-Lor won this round of the rhyme cypher.

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