Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: Caustic vs Roosevelt (Special co-host Paulie Malignaggi)

Caustic started the rap cypher first he seemed to be telling a story about how his match with Roosevelt came to be. His focus seemed to be about how young his opposition was and tried to say that he would get raped in jail. He seemed to be trying to call his opposition a square that grew up in a nice community no slum. He threatened to kill his adversary's whole family and his last rhyme was hot i'm probably put it in my sick punchlines page. Roosevelt started his rap verse with what seemed to be a question to Caustic about his match with cadalack ron. He then proceeded to make jokes about his adersary's nose and said that his adversary looked like a troll. he even claimed the would commit animal cruelty to his cat. This round of the rap clash was a tie in my opinion.

Caustic then went in to rap and said that it was getting a little late and seemed to be trying to make fun of his Roosevelt's age some more. He then proceeded to accuse him of drinking some water some one sticks there dentures in. He also seemed to be implying that his opposition doesn't write his own lyrics. He was funny and made a great point about ghost writers. He had too many quotable raps. Roosevelt then went into make fun of Caustic's nose again and tried to imply that his opponents approach was easy. He tried to imply that his opposition was comedian and he made fun of the way his grandmother cooked, he was getting it in. He had more repeatable punchlines. Since Caustic had one quotable Roosevelt had more this round of the cypher was a tie in my opinion .

In the third round of the rap clash Caustic anxiously went for it and claimed that when Roosevelt rhymes it was hard not to laugh. He continued to make fun of his oppositions age and leaned in towards his money situation. He claimed to have heard about a Grind Time East Coast gang bang with his oppositions mother Dutch Vega, Poison Pen, and Soul Khan. and twisted he her name to Swallow Da Don. He even said that A-Class Amzilla, Cobra Ky, and Sara Kana. Roosevelt then went in to rhyme and said Caustic bites Madness and Frank Stacks. He claimed that Fredo called one of his peoples up and he then tried to imply that his adversary had a ghost writer as well. He had more Italian lines as well and seemed to be trying to call him an internet thug. He compared his oppositions to Banjo kazooy This round of the rap clash was a tie in my opinion.


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