Monday, August 16, 2010


TAYE ROCK started the rhyme battle talking about how he be in Harlem and gave like two shot outs. He claimed that Loaded Lux let him out the Lionz Den for his match and said that when he digs his girl out he really uses a shovel. He said that he would leave SHOTGUN SUGE's face looking like it's missing pieces to a puzzle. He compared his guns to clap on lights and a scratch off ticket. He called him self Heartless and claimed that he been to Hollyhood's neighborhood. He said that if his rival could grow dreads and call him self Arsonal if he could. TAYE ROCK said that it was awkward how he acted Conceited and wasn't even kind of Good. He said his adversary would catch a third URL loss and compared him to Kellogg. He said that he would leave his opposition with permanent marks and compared himself to Jamaicans. He said that he be in Delaware with his grand dad. He even brought up the Charlie Clipse battle and at the end said he was done with him. SHOTGUN SUGE started his verse in the first round of the rap cypher telling a story about how he came to battle and said that he would run TAYE ROCK back to Baltimore. He claimed to be a terrific shooter and then brought up Slick Rick. He used a saying that is starting to become pretty hot salute me or shoot me and used Lil Wayne lyrics. He also mentioned Loaded Lux setting up his rap competition and said said something about 10 K 10,000 dollars being on the line. SHOTGUN SUGE had a slick performance with a lot of laughs. He made a good point at the end life might be hard but dieing is easy then ended shouting out Jersey. This round of the MC match was a tie in my opinion.

In the second round of rhyming TAYE ROCK went in and said there was 2 reasons that he was taking this cypher and said that if SHOTGUN SUGE comes stupid out of his neck he'd break it and compared his bones to pottery. He called himself a pup and said hat he would show him how the ground feels. He then started mentioning his gang set connections. He threatened that a misunderstanding would make him let that thing squeeze and told him to keep talking about heat until he gets hit with some. He compared beating his adversary in this cypher to hit and run. TAYE ROCK said if it's drama he'd come to his oppositions porch. He seemed to have a slipped up in his bars. He called his adversary the most whack rapper that he has seen in New Jersey. SHOTGUN SUGE hopped right in to the battle and asked what TAYE ROCK was talking about. He had a stronger rap delivery said he's been off the edge since 9/11. He claimed to be G'd up and said he' leave his hood looking like a Rosewood lynching. He got lyrical in this round of the cypher and showed a good extent of his rhyme capability. He told a story that ended with him getting getting food at a drive through ordering a burger. He had a syllabic flow towards the end of his verse. I'd have to give SHOTGUN SUGE this round of the rhyme battle based on consistency.

In the third round of the cypher TAYE ROCK went in and started rapping and told SHOTGUN SUGE to grow up. He said that if his opponent sleeps on him in this cypher he is breakfast and said that he shuts down folks who are too Conceited and arrogant. He compared his opposition to spear mint and said that his adversary came with confidence but wasn't really sure where it went. He said hat if his opposition flexes he'd poke out his chest like a pair of boobs. He said disrespect him on some like he doesn't care and said he could Smack him. He compared him to a Tyler Perry movie and called himself the k.k.k. He compared his weed to a pickle and said he would cut slash his adversary up. SHOTGUN SUGE said that when it's beef TAYE ROCK would never pop the steal and compared him DR.Phil. He said that his life loyal while TAYE ROCK's life is fake and said he would take him, put him a bag then throw him over his shoulder like Jake The Snake. He claimed to be known in his challengers city of Baltimore and he claimed that he could never leave the streets because he is in too deep. He started incorporating bad boy movies into his rhymes and he grips shot guns. SHOTGUN SUGE said that he is Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G. mixed in one. He compared what he was shooting is like screwing a chick. He called his adversary MC Lyte. He seemed to be freestyle rapping towards the end and this round was a tie.

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