Friday, August 27, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: Richard Cranium vs Fat Boy

Fat Boy stepped in to the battle calling himself a fat criminal that walks and moves swiftly and seemed to be trying to say that Richard Cranium is a Hill billy. He cursed at his opponents mother and father then who he came to the cypher with. He said that he'll make he'd make his adversary watch as he kills his family and accused his people stinking. He called Loaded Lux a Daffy Duck looking nigga. Richard Cranium went up to rhyme next and called stated that he was born and bread in Baltimore. He called Fat Boy gay and proud then said said he would beat him for his kicks. He cursed at his challengers life and said he would shoot at him with a gun that shoots knives. He told his adversary screw him and his dick faced mother and said if he wants a tall swerve he'd be screwed if he talks first. He was more of a lyrical MC. This round of he rap battle was a tie in my opinion.

In the second round of the rap clash Fat Boy went in to rhyme and said that he'd punch Richard Cranium in his face and leave his back broke. He made clear that he was prepared for his oppositions fat jokes. He said that rapping against his opponent won't open up any doors for him. He said that he gets more hoes than his adversary and said he was waiting for his rival to say he word nigga because he would beat his ass. He cursed at everyone supporting his opponent. Richard Cranium went in to spit his bars and said he would snap the neck of Fat Boy's infant. He tried to imply that his challengers girl be sucking his penis and compared his adversary to Puff Daddy. Fat Boy won this round of the rapping battle

In the third round of the MC clash Fat Boy told a story about having sex with Richard Cranium's girl and claimed that he had got caught when he came back to get his lunch. He then said his opponent was hurt when he found his wife having sex with him and claimed to feel sorry for Grind Time Atlanta for having him as a member of the league. Richard Cranium went in to spit his verse claiming that he knows how much of a dick head he is. He said that Fat Boy is nothing to him and said he is a bitch to him that can't freestyle and would break his knee. He told his adversary to screw his chick because she'd get eaten like chick a peas. He then started to run out of things to say which was surely not good. He said his government name Bill. Fat Boy won this round of the cypher.

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