Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rumble In The Jungle:Killa Kindo vs Skye

Skye went in to the cypher first shouting out Queens claiming to have heat and said to her that his nigga's got body bags. She said that she laughed at the thought of losing this rap clash to Killa Kindo. She claimed that while her opposition is eating pussy she is getting money and made a statement about scattering her body parts. She tried to call her self abstinent and said she would kill her. She called her a lesbian that's broke and her punchline about chicken pots was ill. She claimed that her lesbian opponent fantasized about her and called her Mr Softee. Skye dissed New Jersey and said stated the fact that she is from New York. She compared Killa Kindo to Lady Luck and called her a bum slut. She threatened to sodomize he adversary hard. She got lyrical and compared her flow to zero. She asked her where her girl is at and claimed that she was a singer and rapper. Killa Kindo went into the rap cypher talking about how her battle was set for three rounds and but Skye is trying to change the rules. She tried to imply that her opponent changed the rules to her advantage and started to freestyle but I'm mad that she tripped up on a word in her verse. She took a pause like the crowd was loud but they wasn't and she started getting lyrical during it. She wasted no time showing her female side accusing her of having a busted weave and told her to take notes on Youtube then go sing about it. Killa Kindo compared her self to crack and the war in Iraq. She said that she's been looking good.She said that she would beat her opponents hard ass until her booty goes soft and claimed to be the hardest rapper. I liked her verse she was funny with her freestyle raps and she got in that ass speaking of that she accused her of having no butt. She told her to go back to Queens basically. She claimed to be finishing with a written verse. This round of the match was a tie because both MC's excelled.


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