Tuesday, August 24, 2010


JONNIE DANGER started the rap battle saying he had to admit that he had matches that he wasn't too proud of. He said that when you are rolling solo in a new city there is biased stuff the crowd does. He claimed to have purple and said he he didn't want his intro to be too long because if he did then they would probably say he is trying to get his Murda Mook on. He tried to call WEAPON X extremely dark and made mad black jokes. He gave a shout out to Real Deal Radio and said that to record his rival they would have to change the camera to see him. He claims that for the chips they knock nigga's out and compared his opponent to a struck out match. WEAPON X restated what JONNIE DANGER said then called his opposition a bitch. He said that if his opponent tried accuse him of hesitating to mess with a shorty that said she would suck him up and said that he had the twin forty and they are double clutch. He said confirmed that he has punchlines he said that he'd pop his opponents frame once the canon snaps shots like a Kodak. He said he did a wrestling move on his adversary's bitch. He ended by talking about how his eagle would X him out. JONNIE DANGER won this round of the cypher because his adversary finished his verse a little too quickly.

In the second round of the rap cypher JONNIE DANGER started off asking WEAPON X if he wanted him to pick up where he left off. He said to look at him because you can tell he is fly. He called his opposition broke and gave a survey to see how many people really like what he had to say and a few people raised there hands. He said that if there is a problem he'd let the tech spit and he said tell X to watch his mouth. He said that if X gets extra he'd let the gun exercise and said that his garage got cars like the express way. He said that his guns would show his opponents insides like an X ray. He accused his adversary of naming himself after an X-man and said after tonight he was his bitch. He called his time on him self when he was done. WEAPON X went into this rap cypher claiming that JONNIE DANGER thinks he is the shit because he tried out for URL. He said that he would slap his opponents mother. He claimed that he was dumping cans like recycle day. He said that he wasn't talking about a video game when he lifts his metal to give his opponent five. He seemed to be trying to make a punchline or two that almost made sense but he stretched them as far as he could stretch them like the Deathrow inmate one. JONNIE DANGER won this round of the cypher in my opinion.

In the third round of the MC clash JONNIE DANGER went into the cypher making more African jokes and accusing WEAPON X of being the black guy from next Friday. He said hat his opponent doesn't like taking pictures because when he takes them he can't be seen in them. He said that his opposition was a black sheep that hang with homo's growing up and ended calling him a black hole. WEAPON X then went in to rap rhyme and said started off talking about JONNIE DANGER son while he is riding his big wheel. He said that he would give his adversary a strike until it ruptures hid colon. He said that he would leave his adversary's pussy lips swollen and called him a dick sucking nigga and a fagot like that dude from the Sopranos. This round of the cypher was a won by JONNIE DANGER in my opinion.



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