Thursday, August 19, 2010

Got Beef? Presents: Dunks vs Legacy

Dunks started the MC battle first threatening to crack Legacy's jaw for saying the wrong thing to him. He called his adversary he long lost member of he Jackson 5 and wished death on him. He said Decoy would be dis appointed with his efforts and tried to say that he looks like Afro Man. He compared him self a Mortal Combat movie and Vince Carter. He said that if the good die young he'd be here for ages. Legacy started his verse by saying he wouldn't lose to Dunks and said he would step on him like he is a shoe. He started messing up during his rhyme verse and was freestyle rapping a lot of it. He ended off saying something about his opposition and Pokemon and booster packs. Dunks surely won this round of MC battle.

In the second round of the cypher the lyricist known as Dunks started this round of the rap clash calling a fagot that needs to learn how to freestyle. He compared his opponent to shattered glass and compared himself to an avalanche. He said that he almost came to the battle unprepared to help his opponent. He said that if his adversary thought he had a chance he want to smoke what ever he was smoking. He said that he heard his opponent had aids and said that he was here to put his foot down. Legacy went in to rap next and Legacy said let me pick up the pace a bit and astound you slow. He told his adversary that he has nothing to amount to and he seemed to be messing up. He wasn't that bad when he jumped back in he then seemed to be ready to give up and that's what he did. Legacy won this round of the competition.

In the third round of the freestyle Dunks went into spit and claimed that he couldn't find his Legacy on Facebook. He said that he found a headline that implied his opposition had put about him going shopping with another man. He told his opponent that he wasn't a bad boythe raps in L.A. He was a thorough lyricist. It seems like Legacy literally forfeited his last rap verse. Dunks won this round of this round of the freestyle battle

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