Tuesday, August 17, 2010

AHAT Rap Battle: Streetz vs Konflict

Konflict started the rhyme battle claiming to know about Streetz life saying that he isn't a good fighter and lost a lot of street fights. He tried to compare the guys life to Zack and Cody and started to talk crap about the type of girls his opponent gets claiming that they have facial hair. He told his adversary to get his tracks together and said he would shut down for construction workers to put him back together. Streetz then went into the cypher to rap and kept on spitting with thorough rhyming ability and deep metaphors. He referred to Konflict as a fagot with a beef. His lyrical raps were insane and he admitted that he spits written bars. This round of the cypher was a tie in my opinion.

Konflict started this round of the competition spitting like 9 d.m. after he told Streetz that he sucks. He wished all type of evil things on his opponent that was creative. The messed up part is that he seemed to have a very quick pause when he was flowing. He said that his adversary has no content and told O.D. to pull out the yellow tape at the end of his verse. Streetz then went in to rhyme and said he get tired of saying that Konflict has no variety and called him a monkey that's supposedly breathing slow anxiety. He seemed to imply that if the judges take too long to figure out the winner you already know who won and tried to imply that his opponent is a simple minded fagot that's afraid of contemplation. He had a quick slip up towards the end of his bar. Both MC's are equally as good but in my opinion Konflict won this this round of the rap tournament.


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