Monday, August 16, 2010

Smack/ URL Presents O- Red vs Black Haze

O- Red started the rap cypher and introduced himself and Black Haze. He complimented himself and dissed his opponent. He called himself a veteran and said he was battling against somebody that you know nothing about. He said that he would beat up his opponent for bugging out. He said that he be with gorillas and said that he feels like Lamar Odom and said that him and his home boys be posted. He compared himself to Marquis Daniels on offense. O- Red threatened that he would throw his opponents body in the river and got lyrical towards the end of his verse. He claimed to conceal weapons in his shoes. Black Haze then went in to rhyme and spit his verse. He said that as far as rap battling he done killed so many people and ask what he had to prove and told a story about how he came to rap in this battle. He said that he smoked some purple then got in the shower and then said he made it to after getting a call from Smack New York. He compared making moves to having arthritis and said that he would shoot O- Red to see how many body parts he could knock off. Black Haze said that his guns had info reds that would shoot his challengers top off and said the only time his adversary had beef was a hot dog. He claimed that his adversary didn't have any gangsters with him he even said he would burn his rivals kids school down. He called his opponent fake and said that what he raps on the beat ain't what he lives on the street. He said you better hope you get saved by the bell like a Zak or a Screech. Black Haze won this round of the rhyme cypher in my opinion.

In the second round of the cypher O- Red started this round claiming that this was a waste of his time because he is far too advanced in thought patterns than Black Haze . He compared himself to an card game and called rap a sport and said that it was come back time. He called his opponent a bench warmer and said that his adversary with wouldn't even bust a nut but not in those exact words he had a truly lyrical, syllabic way that he said it. He said that he's not afraid of retaliation from his opponent because he is a pussy. O- Red compared himself to a bomb C4 to be exact and spit about his canon release. He finished his round saying free TSU SURF . Black Haze went in to rap next and said he would throw O- Red off. He said that his challenger isn't even action packed and said he would put his whole squad in a box and compared it to cubics. His snitching line was hot he said his heat would give opposition a perm and said that his adversary doesn't get no hoes. He gave a shout out to his adversary's mother and compared his drugs to Hilary Duff. He ended by saying casket. O- Red won this round of the lyrical battle in my opinion.

In the last round of the punchline competition O- Red hopped in claiming that he would body Black Haze as if he already knew the outcome. He said later on him and his home boys were gonna spit in a cypher. He tried to call his opponent and his squad nerds. He told his opposition to quit with all the gangster talk because his pride would hurt him. He seemed to be trying to compare his opponent Bobby Johnson and said that he would buckle when the AK strikes. He tried to imply that he was a boss and told his opposition to watch the people near him and implied that his opponent lost. He said he would beat his adversary down to the black meat. He compared his opponents rhymes to Mr T. Black Haze went in to spit his verse next and talked junk about O- Red father. His delivery was funny and he called his adversary a stripper. He said he would shoot his adversary and put him in a trash bag then put him in a container and take him out. He said that his rival ain't a gangster and doesn't hold guns. He had a lyrical rap flow and said he lives a sober life and he seemed to freestyle rapping. This round of the cypher was a tie in my opinion.

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