Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rumble in the Jungle: Smurk vs Smoke of ny

Smurk went into the rap cypher claiming that he messed up and choked. He said something about Smoke of ny having a fat mother and threatened to send him to the Undertaker because he breaks apart futures. He claimed to be a sharp shooting hit-man and mentioned King of the Ring and said that he isn't trying to hear about he ice his opponent is wearing. He said that his adversary doesn't even have a local buzz. He even brought up Arsonal and Dizaster. Smoke of Ny started this round of the cypher and said that Smurk was scared to battle him so he had to convince him. He said that his adversary ducked him once claiming that he ha a family situation. He tried to imply that his challenger is confused about his sexuality. He accused his rival of having grimy friends on his team and accused him of running his trap then implied smacking him. He mentioned cat stacks and told him that he already knows what happens When Animalz Attack. This round was a tie in my opinion.

In the second round of the cypher Smurk said that he senses no wisdom when Smoke of NY tries to rap and no sickness n his swagger. He mentioned how his opponent is the only smoke. He shouted out Lil Kim and Queen bee's but not in a very respectable. He even said something about The Notorious B.I.G. funeral and claimed to rep Queens. He said that 2 females are the reason why his burrow is on the map. Smoke of ny called Smurk a piece of shit and said he would tell his opponent to plead the fifth. He said he would fist his girl and wouldn't stop until she looks like a character from Lilo and Stitch. He said that he would drink a Red bull then slap him until his hands bleed and called him a subscriber to Play girl said that Hollow Da Don and DNA are straight while his opponent is a Drag Queen. He accused his opponent of getting jumped and said he eats sandwiches and laughs at Somalian kids, damn that's foul. His last punchline was one the most grimy ones that I heard this week. Smoke of Ny won this round of the by a little more.

Smurk went in to this round of the rhyme battle talking about kidnapping Smoke of Ny's grandmother and said if she tries screaming he'd scorch her tongue. He said that he would leave the streets wrecked and called him the broken version of Kieth Sweat. He seemed to be claiming that he would shoot his opposition and make his brains go very far away accused him of trying to be a bible. He claimed that king of the ring can suck his dick and said he has rocket launchers and he would let him explode and shoot. he said that he would send his adversary to dust and claimed to have turned him into the smoke of New Jersey. Smoke of Ny called Smurk a bisexual vegan because he doesn't eat beef but he sucks meat. He implied that his adversary doesn't buck heat and called him self complex calculus and said he would put bullets in his opponents belly properly. His punchlines and went hard even saying he'd bring an end to Suge's night. He killed him with that homo metaphor. Smoke of Ny won this round of the lyrical cypher.




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