Thursday, August 26, 2010

Grind TIme Now presents: Stareater vs Vokab

Stareater started off his verse in this rap battle calling Vokab a bitch and asked how he was supposed to be a rhyme contender. He said that his opponent looks like he is on the same diet as the guy from thinner. He accused his adversary of stripping naked and walking up a Las Vegas strip. He accused his opponent of wearing a Darth Vader mask with A black cape and gown while waving a vibrator. He accused his opposition of trying to talk to some chick and get a date plan and called him pale white. Vokab jumped in and started rapping and called Stareater a dork with an awkward forced rap delivery and said it sounds like his teeth and tongue are trying to run through an obsticle course. He asked his adversary what he has been starring in besides his tiny chat videos and told him that he doesn't have the heart to win. He accused his adversary of watching Mr Cooper and called him a loser. His verse was real syllabic and made fun of his CD Mixtape. I would have to say that Vokab won this round of the rap cypher.

In the second round of the rhyme battle Stareater started out by saying low and behold and claimed to have thought he would only see a face like Vokab's on a totem pole. He said that his adversary tried to catch him off guard and called him Brigitte Nielsen. He accused his opponent of looking like a Nazi experiment gone wrong. He accused his rival of wearing a Naruto head band and said that he is so skinny it's nasty. He called his adversary a silly putty from Power Rangers. Vokab hopped into the rap clash and claimed he was shining bright and said that no one buys Stareater's albums. He claimed that an uppercut would send his opponent into the guiding lights and said that in his last battle the crowd found it funny and said that he find it funny how Phranchyze called him out of his name. He said it's a shame that he let a white guy come in his face and call him a bitch and said he looks like he needs a cat scan. Vokab won this round of the even match in my opinion.

Stareater went into this round of the rap cypher called Vokab numb nuts and made fun of his head shape an his swagger. He claimed that he would box his oppositions head but was beat to the punch and accused him of having a brain tumor. He accused his rival of enjoying to be sodomized and accused him of looking like a t 1000 robot. He threatened to grab a machete and slice up his adversary very finely and accused him of having a face that resembles a Dick Tracy Villain. He accused him of having ahead that resembles a block to the point that he can't think outside the box. Vokab called Stareater an Atlanta Hawk and accused him of having a rainbow sticker on his kick stand. He called him a child molester who's future is literally in the palm of some kids hands. He called his adversary a worthless bitch and told him he's a Knick fan. He accused his adversary of battling at Grind Time North but the footage will never see the light of day. He ended saying that other people feed off of Stareater's concepts. This round of the rap battle was a tie.

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