Sunday, August 22, 2010


J.O. SPADE started the cypher cursing at MC.KIMS and his crew. He tried to imply that his opposition was probably a snitch. He said that his opponent would probably talk about his older match and claimed Lil Tae beat his opponent on a one on one battle. He wished that his opposition would burn for stepping up to him and made black jokes about him as well. He accused his opponent of hanging with a guy who has nipple piercings and enjoys it. He tried to imply that his adversary is a waiter. MC.KIMS started his verse in this rhyme battle asking J.O. SPADE what it's like being fat and proceeded to make fat jokes about him. He told his adversary not to get surprised if he gets hit with a bat and called him weak trash. He called his challenger sweet ass and claimed that he had a good upper cut. He said that he would make his adversary's chin drop like he's wearing a Scream mask. This round of the rap cypher was too close and a tie in my opinion.

J.O. SPADE started spitting about MC.KIMS voice and accused him of trying to battle his prom date. He said that his opponent called him out and has to answer to the machine like he picked up the phone late. He said that his opponent always sees defeat and he told his opponent that he doesn't hold guns and accused him of role playing. He called his opponent night crawler. He accused his opposition of having a fat guy suck his dick at every battle. He compared himself to Nicki Minaj and ended his verse. MC.KIMS quickly jumped in and started rhyming and said who ever put him against J.O. SPADE must be stupid. He compared his opponent to a broken I phone and claimed his gun shells would start boosting him up. He then spit junk about his adversary's music and told him to tell his girl to stop watching him. This round of the rap clash was a tie.

In the third round of the rhyme face off J.O. SPADE accused MC.KIMS of looking like he came off the Amistad. He claimed to see his opponents mother on facebook and accused her of giving him head. He dared his adversary to try to scheme against him. He called his opposition a disappointment that gives a whole new meaning to the term shadow of a doubt. He made jokes about his oppositions teeth as well. He said that his opponent could never have him on the run and said he as only hot because he came back from tanning in the sun. He said that his adversary needs to stay away from microphones and sunshine. MC.KIMS said that who ever set up the cypher wasn't thinking smart. He had deep metaphors and said about one of them if they go over your head then he wasn't repeating himself and had hard punchlines. He said that he'd shoot his opponent with and he compared his guns to Pamela Anderson's husband. MC.KIMS won this third round of the of the rap clash in my opinion because his lyrics were just more ill.

In the fourth round of the cypher J.O. SPADE wet in to rhyme and compared MC.KIMS to the pink ranger. He accused his opponent of having the beak of a dinosaur he said that after the match his career would be over. He said his opponents real name is Davonte. He called his opponent a bitch that raps and sings and compared his bars to ovaries. He called his opponents crew bitch ass niggas. He called his adversary black as hell and a homo then claimed he is lucky that didn't get back handed. He spit a freestyle rap towards the end. MC.KIMS then went in to rhyme and claimed that J.O. SPADE isn't a rider. He quoted the movie Training Day and said he was a baller. His metaphors were way more thorough. His lyrical skills were impressive as well even when he was freestyling. MC.KIMS won his round of the rap battle as well.

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