Sunday, August 29, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: Elfamail vs Special T

Special T bravely started th first round of this rap clash implying that he was suppose to battle against Elfamail but now would rather slap him instead. He tried to imply that his adversary would probably snitch on him. He said that his rival always sounds the same when he raps and asked him which one of his drugs was more expensive. He told a story about his opposition smoking a J with him. He claimed that he wanted to get his rival back over marijuana. Elfamail accused Special T being in a band and originally was in a metal band called Dee and mentioned the 3d ball. He accused his adversary of pumping gas and said he had to snatch the door knockers out of his ears. He said that if his challenger thanks that he is stepping to him is probably Loony and had syllabic rap verse. This round of the cypher was a bit of a tie to me.

In the second round of the lyrical battle Special T went in to spit claiming that Elfamail took this as a joke and not an art form and threatened to have sex with his girl. He cursed at what his oppositions status is as a battler and accused him of having a fetish for midgets and men. He accused his adversary of having aids and claimed to have called him out because he thinks he's better than him. Elfamail spit his verse next saying talk about going there and accuses Special T of tripping when he walked up the stairs and tried to call him a Growing Pains character. He said that his adversary was bad at spitting double time against Lyricool and accused him of being Special Ed. This round of the rap clash was taken by Elfamail.

In the third round of the rhyme battle Special T went in to rhyme claiming that it was his Elfamail's funeral and told him that he should have came there in a tie and tuxedo. He called his adversary a wannabe singer and told him he needs to brace for trouble. He accused his rival of having a messed up grill and accused him of fronting like he runs with thugs and vandals a lot. He accused his adversary of having a secret fantasy of being a heart throb and called him old basically. Elfamail started his bars with crowd reaction and told Special T that the crowd wanted him to quit rapping. He claimed that he would expose his adversary like a hospital gown and said Special T gets high off crack pots and see's visions of mythical creatures and at the end he seemed to advertised his album. Elfamail won this round of the rap cypher

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