Friday, August 27, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: PH vs Philly Swain (Hosted By Styles P)

Philly Swain started his verse basically saying that he doesn't care if PH's men are real or not and said he'd have his young boys handle him for only 10 bills. He compared himself to a lifer doing push ups in jail. He said that his opponent must wanna die since he is testing him and claimed that he can't cope with being broke. He said that he must be hot accused his opponent of hating on him. he claimed that his heart is cold like parole giving nigga's hits. He claims that he'd unload and leave wholes in a nigga's wig. He seemed to be trying to call himself Shaq. He said that he'd be home one day and maybe not Monday. He claimed that he could snatch Ms. America from off the run way. PH then went in to spit his verse. He claimed that he is no longer the president which is evident and said so what then claimed he could turn Philly Swain into cold cuts. He then started to talk about the home town of where he's from claiming that the Dominicans keep there weapons high and threatened to leave his brains sprayed. He said that this battle was Judgement Day and said peace to the elements. He said that he cooks bars and called him extremely black and told Erikah Badu to get a head wrap. He signed off saying he was coming for Johny Storm, X Factor and Dirt bag Dan. This round of the cypher was a tie.

In the second round of the rhyme battle Philly Swain started his verse calling PH weak. He said that gullible people don't even believe his adversary. He compared the way he'd pop up on his block to measles and called his opposition a Puerto Rican fat nigga. He accused his adversary a raggedy mouth and called him broke as a joke then said that his gum ills reveal that he be smoking the coke and said that he be watching Martin with his spouse. He then implied that he was spitting a freestyle. He said that it was tme for another Philladelphia rapper to rock a microphone and he would teach a lesson that the teachers couldn't teach his adversary in school. He said he got the price on his head oppositions under his mattress. PH went in to spit his rap verse and said he got a letter in the mail the other day addressed to Philly Swain and brought up Hollow Da Don. He tried to call his rival a dead beat dad He said that he would turn the battle into a body bag. He said that his adversary wouldn't rob someone if he was Dirt Bag Dan. His closing statement did it for me in this round of the rap battle. PH won this round of the rap cypher in my opinion.

In the third round of the rhyme battle Philly Swain anxiously began to rap and said his name then claimed that he would emerge from the rain without a drop on him. He called PH a snitch and said that he couldn't drop him and said he couldn't rock him point blank period with the gun on him. He asked how he was gonna take the watch off him and asked if he wants props off him then cop off him. He said that he be on his grizzly and bombs and cocks missiles. He showed how fast he can rap right quick and got lyrical with his metaphors. He called his flow fire and said that he would push him into a flame. It seemed that his last metaphor was implying something about the slave nigga mentality but his ending wasn't so smooth. PH started off asking who Philly Swain was and said that he was hardly a G. He asked his rival what he was gonna do when he kills his mans. He made black jokes on his opposition and compared himself to Mel Gibson. He compared his swag to The Color Purple. He called his adversary a fagot with aids in Philadelphia and accused him of singing songs. He accused him of being like Gerald Lavert.

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