Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rumble In The Jungle: Kennii Michaels vs Broken Pen

Kennii Michaels started the rap clash saying that Broken Pen's friends set him up to get a win but not again and seemed to be spitting a freestyle rap verse. He then started spreading rhumors about Lethal C4 and the rest of Ice Grill such as Red Freck. He claimed that he would get on there whole team because he is none of there friends. He said that he reps b family until his casket drops and said that they need to bring him better competition. He claimed to be sicker more crazy and more loony. He accused his opponent of having a boy friend and wanting to see fire works. Broken Pen went into rap soon after saying that people tried to warn him about to prepare for his battle with Kennii Michaels. He said he would kidnap his challengers grand ma and tie her up. He accused his opponent of getting raped by a distant relative at a young age and accused him of getting sodomized by his uncle. He made fun of his opponents t shirt and told him nigga's don't rock that. I think this round if the rap cypher was a tie.

In the second round of the rhyme battle Kennii Michaels went in saying save all of your questions and calle him self hood. He called Broken Pen a G string. He said that he would treat his adversary like a dumbbell. He bragged to open up blocks and said that his opponent is a fairy that the majority knows wouldn't do well. He said that his adversary is mad ugly. He called his opposition is a fagot guy that tells mad lies and tried to imply that he had him cleaning his car. He let every body know that he was coming off the top and got on him about wearing an Ecko shirt. Broken Pen claimed to be on his Okwerdz shit. He called his opponent a diva and tried to make seem like a square that has awkward silences with women. This round of the tournament was a tie.

In the third round of the freestyle battle Kennii Michaels went in the battle calling Broken Pen and the people backing him up sorry nigga's. He referred to his opponent as being a pocket pet and said he would pullout a six like Yahtzee. He claimed not to have taken a loss yet and claimed to be the older brother. He called out the whole ice grill camp and called C4 a snitch. He ended by calling his rival Mr bucket. Broken Pen went in to spit his verse calling Kennii Michaels mad weird. He called him a fag and a queer with no dad but a stripper for a mother that's named Cashmere. He got real lyrical and talked about gun shooting his opposition. he accused his adversary of getting picked on as a young kid. This round of the rap clash was a tie.

Int he fourth round of this freestyle clash Broken Pen started off teling people to quiet down. He tried to get lyrical but it seemed lie he had lost control and started saying anything. He accused Kennii Michaels of having a boy friend that licks his scrotum. He said he would he would stick Asians on him to beat his ass. He said that his rival's mother looks like Buffy with no body Kennii Michaels went in to cypher next and was freestyle rapping.He just tried to make his opposition look beneath him in the last round. He went into the battle with a hard delivery. In my opinion this round of the match was a tie .

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