Sunday, August 22, 2010


KOOK EM started the rap battle first an said he was at home chilling with a chick about to get some head. He called NELLZ a lame bitch and accused him of being stuck on the basics. He said that he would stomp him until his heart stops he said that he sends shots in broad daylight and cursed a the thought of a cop. He asked his opponent where his cash was at and ended saying the moral of the story is you should have never done that. NELLZ then went in to spit and told KOOK EM his own name. He said that his challenger looked like he was sodomized and said that he would treat him like 50 cent would and give him 9 shots. He compared his opposition to Origami and said he would ake his life remorseless. This guy was truly a lyrical dude. NELLZ won this round of the hip hop cypher in my opinion but this round was close.

In the second round of the rap clash KOOK EM said he could bring about fifty goons and said he could bring about many wars. He spit about the guns he had and said that his bullets got names. He said that he's shooting at his target and not wide then promised his bullets would catch NELLZ. He claimed that the murder rate went up because another homicide was committed. He called himself a beast and his opponent warm. He said he would bake him and said when he signals his girl she receives it like WI-fie. The second round of the cypher was started by NELLZ talking about taking his oppositoins property. He seemed to be comparing himself to old spoiled Wonder bread and talked about the dudes girl. It seemed like he was showing his lyricist abilities to say not much of anything it just didn't make much sense to me it sounded like he was spitting hot but he really wasn't, he was straight. KOOK EM won this round of the rhyme battle in my opinion.

KOOK EM claimed that him and his crew carries guns longer than Lil Waynes braids and claims to pop shots that'll part some braids. I liked his lyrical flow and his delivery was strong but he started choking and didn't even finish his verse. NELLZ quickly went in to the MC clash and countered his oppositions last threat. He threatened to make him go extinct like a wombat and said his adversary is famous from his anus. He seemed to be implying of himself being a genius and he said that he would throw his opponent to space. He seemed to have messed up towards the end of his bars but wasn't as bad as his challenger. NELLZ won this round of the emcee match.

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