Tuesday, August 31, 2010

DON'T FLOP - Chronicle/Psychosis Holochaust Vs The Calcium Kid/Bomberman

Chronicle started his verse in this freestyle battle cursing at Bomberman and called his hair cut bland and tried to call him ugly as a result of incest. Psychosis Holochaust then said something about shagging The Calcium Kid's mother and seemed to have compared him to a character from Family Guy. Bomberman was first up to defend his team and said he was battling because he was asked to do so. The Calcium Kid went in and made fat jokes about her. The Calcium Kid said that he would have sex with Chronicle sister while his mother commentates and accused her of having camel on her face. This round of the freestyle was won by both rappers in my opinion.

In the second round of this rap clash Chronicle said The Calcium Kid would get kicked in the ribs and said that he wasn't sick. He then proceeded to call his opponent skinny and made fun of his sister. Psychosis Holochaust then said joined in and accused him of having a little penis and accused Bomberman of having an apple head. Chronicle then said that him and his partner were the sickest in the channel. Bomberman then went to spit first for his team making fun Chronicle's penis. The Calcium Kid then jumped in and threatened t kick his adversary in the crotch and wished small pox on them. Bomberman then wen back in and insulted Chronicles nose. The Calcium Kid to;d his opponents to stop acting like they aren't upper class Chronicle and Psychosis Holochaust won this round of the rap cypher.

In the third round of this rap cypher Psychosis Holochaust anxiously went in to the tournament and called The Calcium Kid names. Chronicle said his opponent can make people sick with there face people and seemed to be accusing Bomberman of putting his thing inside of a dog. Psychosis Holochaust was ready to go in but got stopped before he could. The Calcium Kid then went in for his team asking Chronicle asking him questions. Bomberman claimed that his opposition is wearing red because it matches his period. He claimed that it was his twenty fourth birthday and The Calcium Kid went in but seemed to be starting to mess up so Bomberman came to his rescue. He said that he wasn't surprised about her mother dressing in black. Chronicle and Psychosis Holochaust most definitely won this round of the freestyle tournament.


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