Monday, August 30, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: Absyrd vs Knowshun

Knowshun went into this round of the rap battle claiming that every scuffle has had some personals and said Absyrd rebuttals with whack reversals. He accused his set ups of being irrelevant and lacking suspense. She implied he was miserable and completely predictable. He said that his oppositions real name is Robert and his girl accused him of not living up to his own name. Absyrd went in to spit his verse and said Knowshun would probably pray that he gets hit with lightning. He seemed to have said that his opponent's mother probably has a spear or a stick pierced on her breast and seemed to be talking crap about his girl as well. He asked his adversary how he gets hand jobs when his girlfriends nails are longer than his penis and claimed to have came from California to slap him in the mouth and cursed at the guy's girlfriend. He was a thorough rapper in his round with a thorough delivery. Absyrdwon this round of the cypher in my opinion.

In the second round of the lyrical battle Knowshun claimed to have been called crazy for volunteering to rap first. He said he would spear Absyrd and compared himself to Gold berg. He called his adversary's state is the gayest in America. He accused his adversary of turning the west coast division into the Special Olympics. He claims that he loses matches from going over peoples head when he spits raps and tried to imply that his opponent spits elementary rhymes. He ended by saying that his adversary's Fresh Coast ass got whooped by a trick. Absyrd went into rhyme next wishing death on Knowshun and said his opponents flow is dead weight. He called his rival dumb and said no one finds him dope. He said during the Paperwerks battle his eyes were closed and said that his oppositions girl like to give head at free will. This round of the rap clash was beaten by Absyrd.

In the third round of the cypher Knowshun seemed to be spitting like he was talking to Absyrd's girl and claimed that Cadalack Ron was shitting on him. his advice was to divorce him. He warned her that thee children would grow up to be just like him if she doesn't leave him. He then started calling him Robert Junior and accused him of putting Hip Hop over his kids. Absyrd started spitting in this round of the rap cypher and said he had skill. He claimed his challengers kids would duck tape and kill Knowshun and then tried to freestyle. He tried to call his opposition a character on the movie next Friday.

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