Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rumble In The Jungle: Paranormal vs Hann Smith

Paranormal started he rap battle first saying that Hann Smith is ape looking an told him this match was a waste. He accused his adversary of having a Bone Crusher body and accused him of being an old new come up. He said that he'd run up in his opponents one family loft waving guns. He threatened to lift his neck and called him a fat jimmy cliff. He said if he really wants it he could get it and said he would roll on his mother and accused her of giving him head. He tried to imply that his penis slapped his adversary's mother in the face and said that just because his opponent looks like a buffalo doesn't make him a soldier. Hann Smith then went in to rap with no hesitation and asked him why they had to throw him in the pool with the piranha. He claimed that he had to leave him strapped to a Honda that's moving I assume. Wait a minute I heard him spit the beginning of this recycled verse before CLICK HERE to see it. He then went into the cypher spitting freestyle verses and making fat jokes and compared him to Hanson. He called his adversary is a fool and said he would get him on the news. Paranormal won this round of the MC Clash.

In the second round of the rhyme battle Paranormal started off on fire and was mentioning Hann Smith's rap battle history. He said that his opponent got beat by O Red, Young Greg, and C4. He claimed that they were taking it easy but he was gonna go hard body on him. He said to call him the exterminator and said that his dreads look fake. He tried to call his adversary a child of Biz Markie and made up a story about having casual sex with the girl that he fantasizes about. He warned his opponent if he wanted to scrap and said Farrakhan can't save him. Hann Smith went in to spit claiming he flows like a faucet and said that Paranormal might as well forfeit. He claimed that he had ever lasting money and said that he raps out this world like he is out of this orbit. He said that his challenger is a bitch with a tattoo on his big toe. He claimed that he would choke slam his rival and started getting lyrical bu seemed to be freestyle rapping he was thorough but he didn't have enough hay makers. Paranormal won this round of the MC clash.

In the third round of the lyrical match up Paranormal claimed to have a terror flow and said that he went to Hann Smith myspace since he didn't like watching any of his battles. He even took it upon him self to correct his opponents grammar. He made a hot punchline about when his opponents mother gave birth to him,trying to call him a mistake. He finished off the round rapping about his background and basically said in his own words so what if his opponents sells drugs at least he said he could tell him what a pussy feels like. He ended freestyle rapping. Hann Smith went in to rhyme next about Paranormal. He said that he's tired of these whack ass rapper they sound too plain and clams he changes new game. He implied that he'd make him bleed and leave stains on his blue ray. He had a pretty hard verse going in to this round too bad he didn't finish off, he stood a chance. In my opinion Paranormal won this round of what ended up being a freestyle battle.



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