Monday, August 30, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: Dirtbag Dan Vs. Ncredable

Ncredable started the rap clash first claiming that Dirtbag Dan and his mother got beards like real rabbis. He said that he would throw his opponent in the lake and make him feel baptized. He told his adversary that he wasn't from San Jose and threw some homo jokes in his verse as well. He said that he could barely believe that his adversary beat Tiger Ty and Soul Khan and seemed to be trying to imply his beard was apart of a strategy. He had racist incest jokes in his bars as well. He called his adversary a pot bellied lumberjack. Dirtbag Dan spit his bars and seemed to have claimed that he had to get rid of some of his main quotes because they were used. He compared Ncredable to electrical tape rapped around a skeleton and asked him why he is even trying to rap. He claimed that if he hit his opponent with one of his DJ's vinyl mats his spine will snap. He tried to imply that his opposition is a punk and said that the crowd doesn't care about how tough he supposedly is. He claimed that he could hit his rival without facing any type of repercussion and mentioned how his opponent was from Stockton This round of the rap cypher was a tie in my opinion.

In the second round of the rap battle Ncredable went in to rhyme and said that Dirtbag Dan experiments with Crystal Meth. He accused his kids of hanging out at home sniffing paint thinners. He said that his adversary looks like the missing third member of Lynyrd Skynyrd and claimed that he gets a food voucher ever time you download his music. He basically spent a lot of time trying to call his adversary dirty and they claimed his opponent is from New Jersey. He accused his rival of having a a rapist beard which is the only way he can prove he is a male. Dirtbag Dan then went in and started to spit and countered Ncredable's accusations letting everybody know he was born in San Jose and said he looks like he is eats waxed fruit. He tried to imply that his challenger is a gay snitch and said he would get Soul Khan on him. He said that his opposition was a punk that wouldn't shoot. This round of lyrical tournament was a tie in my opinion.

In the third round of the lyrical match Ncredable started his rap verse implying that the first time he ever seen Dirtbag Dan was on the cover of a Bum Fights DVD. He said that he would leave his opponent in a 6 foot grave and tried to say that the man looks like Big Foot when he shaves. He said that he isn't drinking if he takes a shot and saidhis opponent is in another league when he raps and seemed to be making more old man jokes. He told him to move into a church quick and said people like his opoisition to move inside a church quick and ended his verse threatening to have girls run up on him and handle him. Dirtbag Danwent into the rap clash and mentioned how he battled in the Bay, L.A., Orlando, Hawai, london, legends in Toronto and Australia. He ended the cypher letting the crowd know how he reps his hometown where ever he goes. He told Ncredable that his challenger was never a match for him and said that he refers to Master P as lil Romeo's father. He accused his adversary of smoking crack and accused him of listening to nineties Hip Hop music back when Arsenio Hall was out. He made ended the battle making head and teeth jokes about his opposition.

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