Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Promo Battle: Miles Low vs Mic Vegas

Miles Low started the rap battle with no hesitation claiming that Mic Vegas would spit trash and said he was square. He said he that he would turn him in to curly fries and jack him. Towards the end of his rap verse it sounded like he was gonna say something good about his rivals mother but instead he messed up and then seemed to have called time on himself. Mic Vegas then went in to spit his verse and he seemed to be freestyle rapping and wasn't that bad but he was just saying anything some of the time. He spit about Miles Low wearing Jonathan MC Nabs practice jersey. He made fun of his challenger watch and everything hen asked him if he wanted have sex. He seemed to think hat he didn't have to say no homo from what he said It seems like every one in the crowd was letting it slide until he told him to toss his salad. Mic Vegas said that this tournament wasn't the play offs. He told his challenger to stop focusing on rap and write love poems. He called his opponent funny at the end. Miles Low won this round of the rap battle.

In the second round of the rap battle Miles Low asked the crowd if they smelt anything and claimed it was either the raps that Mic Vegas writes or he just doesn't wash his ass at night. He seemed to have slipped up spitting his lyrics and said he would treat him like a degeneration X member him. He compared his adversary to the dude from the S curl box. He kept laughing while he was rhyming and he started free-styling towards the end and was straight. Mic Vegas then started rhyming and came off the top of the dome asking Miles Low if he thought he was crazy. He tried to imply that his challenger was weak and would get injured trying to pick up a tire. He tried to reverse his opponents line about hermaphrodites but it was no use because he didn't even sound right and made no sense. He was trying to go sick but he wasn't saying anything good. He called his adversary a water boy. This rhyme battle won by Miles Low no question.


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