Saturday, August 21, 2010

| BLOCKCITY ROUND 2 BATTLES | : Kennii Michael Vs Clint-Gee

Kennii Michael started this battle of punchlines first and told him to tell his wing man that he'd get winged on. He compared Clint-Gee to orgasm's and told CT at there own risk he would kill his opponent. He said that his adversary wasn't hot and said that he could get him butchered like Cassidy or treat him like Cassy. He said that had a cocky arrogant approach to rapping and spit as if he was taking Connecticut for a joke. He claims to run deep with his criminal mind and said his opponents team doesn't look tough enough to shoot. He tried to be calling his rival a snitch and called him a mack. He called his adversary a homo and told him not to ICE GRILL him. Clint-Gee started his rap verse by saying first off Kennii Michael be lying through his teeth and claimed that the worst thing about it is he lies in his music. He claimed that his challenger be lying to freaks and tried to imply that he was broke. He compared himself to a farmer and claimed that he would chop his opposition. He spit about popping with tools and leaving his adversary officially chopped and screwed. He was rhyming about how getting on tracks and said if you bet on his opponent you'd be losing your money. He said that his opponents girl tricks for him. This round of the competition was a tie.

In the second round of the rap cypher Kennii Michael went into the rap cypher and said that he wasn't gonna let Clint-Gee lie on him. He said that his opponent could save his duck tails for Disney. He said that he would grab his opponent and choke him until he's dizzy. He called his opposition a duck and told every one he would crack him. He claimed that he doesn't like his rivals songs or singles and called his tracks garbage. He said that no one in the hood deals with his adversary and called him a bitch that wears high heels and lip stick. Kennii Michael threatened to slap his opponent and claimed to be on something else. He had cereal Fruit Loop metaphors about stomping on Clint-Gee. He compared him self to Smack and Url then gave a story about getting head from his girl. He claimed to have a foreign car and made fun of his adversary's then accused him of domestic violence. He brought up ghost's and the movie Haunting in Connecticut. He bragged about coming to the match with less than a week of practice. He said something about running up in his adversary's house. Clint-Gee went in and started rhyming and told Kennii Michael that he doesn't shoot he just blocks money from flowing. He claimed to smoke and get high. He spit about the guns that him and his people owns. He said he should tell a doctor because he spits sick and called his challenger and his crew dirty nigga's. He warned his opponent about running his mouth and said that he would have him ducking. He accused his adversary of smoking bags of dust and claimed that he deserves respect when you talk to him. He told he opponent he should burn for lying and said if he's a baller he would catch him. Kennii Michael won this round of the rap cypher without a doubt just based on delivery and he did have a few better bars.

In the last round of the punchline battle that boy Kennii Michael started to say his verse and tried to call Clint-Gee a liar. He even had references to Uconn, New Haven, New London, Stamford, and all over Connecticut to find his opponent and caught him in traffic. He said that his rival had a vest on and mentioned Suge's name then described sending his body parts all around. He stated that his retarded thoughts were now on. He said he would feed his opponent his own penis. Kennii Michael tried to call his opposition's sweet and fragile. He called Clint-Gee a window shopper and a dell. He then spoke slick about his opponents mother. He had LL Cool J and baby boy references as well. He seemed to have told him to take out the trash. He accused his adversary of masturbation on a regular. That emcee known as Clint-Gee went in to rhyme and seemed to have been freestyle rapping towards the beginning when he countered Kennii Michael's punchline. He called his adversary a pussy that would run and cover. He told his opposition not to tell him that he's a gangster because talk is cheap and told him that he's not a star or hard or tossing guns. He compared his opponent to a cup cake and called him soft and sweet. Clint-Gee accused his rival of spoiling women. He called his adversary's girl a freak. He said the on the stage his crew is stage proof. He claimed that he was ducking the cops because he got alot of hits. He said he would blow his top in his lap and said he would call it a lap top. Kennii Michael won this round of the rap battle by a little bit better of a performance.

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