Monday, August 30, 2010

Grind Time Now presents: Ghambit vs Pariah

Pariah started rap battling first in this round and said that him and his opponent are usually friends but not today. He said that him an Ghambit are usually friends but claimed that they were not today and said he found out they were gonna battle and began to stalk his prey. He aid that he went through he guys Myspace page and accused him of having Pocahontas braids. He said the stretch marks on his adversary's butt resembles corn rolls and compared giving him an ass whooping to the date rape drug. He accused his adversary of robbing Kobra Kye. Ghambit then went into rap and said lets be real lets just all be honest. He said in the battle scene Pariah can't compete and claimed to had been putting on shows and said his adversary relies on his daddy's allowance. He said hat his rival doesn't even try to grind and started messing up. So he repeated his last punchline. Ghambit won this round of the rhyme battle in my opinion.

In the second round of this tournament Pariah called Ghambit's hometown an irrelevant topic and claimed to have been to one of his shows. He accused his adversary of being the type to do anything for a fried chicken burrito and accused him of drinking Spanish beer. He called his opposition a soft taco while calling him self a crunch taco supreme and called him ravenous. He claimed that he had no respect for his rival calling him a fag and compared his opponents two sisters to the American Flag. Ghambit went in claiming that Pariah would catch a hay maker and said he would burry him in the sand. He said his adversary probably raps about the universe and said they would never do a two on two together. He said they should form a white rap group called Aryans with an attitude. He said he wished Facebook had as button so he could dislike his adversary. He finished his verse naming everything he has from web sites to I tunes. This round of the rap clash was a tie in my opinion.

In the third round of the cypher Pariah went in to rap and claimed that Ghambit is a homo. He brought up his adversary's last battle and accused him getting ripped apart and buried. He then called wrong for making fat jokes especially since he himself isn't very skinny. Ghambit then went in to spit his verse claiming he wanted to punch and really hit. He claimed that Pariah is loud when he raps but his real voice is light as feathers. He called himself a pit in the pound hard and compared him to Tommy from Rugrats. He said he wished that he could slit his challengers mothers neck to death at the point of his death. Pariah won this round of the lyrical clash in my opinion.

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