Friday, August 27, 2010

Grind TIme Now presents: Mic Phenom vs Abel Abilities

Mic Phenom started the rap battle first and said he has been waiting for a rapper to take his anger out on and Abel Abilities is afraid of his own reflection. He said hat he would treat his adversary's girl like 05 UFC when he gets her open and said his raps are dope. He claimed to have went online and did some research on his adversary. He said that one of his match ups had hardly any views and called his opponent a non existent rapper. He asked how his adversary was the only one in his crew that's productive and told him that he ain't shit in San Jose. Abel Abilities then went in to rap and spit his verse. He said that when he looks in his Mic Phenom's face he see's something that has to do with a cock fight. He said that if he shined a flash light in his ears his eyes would light up and accused him of looking like a chimp. He called his adversary a third string Grind Time knuckle dragger and told him that all his music sounds forced then claimed to rather have had a slim battling catalog then to have had his. He says that he has been reputable and if he was his opponent he claims that he'd watch what he says because his chin looks questionable. He tried to imply that his opposition is the source of every laugh and his ending was hot. This round of the rhyme battle was a tie in my opinion.

In the second round of the rap cypher Mic Phenom said that this cypher is what he calls charity work and said if he prepared any verse he could have left Abel Abilities buried in dirt. He got real syllabic and lyrical during this round of the the cypher. He accused his adversary of going on a clarity search and said that he hates to mess up his adversary's head but his head did it first. He said that he could predict everything he's gonna do. I enjoyed his rap skills and the way he put rhymes together during this round he sounded polished. he claimed to hate the way his adversary raps and threatened to punch him to where his tongue is at. He said that labels want to sign him and accused his opponent of ending up as another failed artist working at Target. Abel Abilities started his verse talking about the battle where Mic Phenom went up against Reverse Live and you can Click Here if you want to see it and his tag team rap battle where he partnered up with vokab Click Here to see it. He said that in the comments no one said anything about how horrible he did and said it was almost like he was non existent then he brought up his battle with. He even mentioned his opponents mix tape album the day the earth stood still and said he would R Kelly him and ended by calling him an amateur. This round of the rap cypher was a tie in my opinion.

In the the third round of the lyrical battle Mic Phenom went into spit and called Abel Abilities a bitch and said that the death he was destined to face was coming at a special rate. He accused his opposition of having Ellen traits and claimed to have the same metal as leather face. He said that his opponent was gonna make his heart rate speed up. he then started rapping double time and said that he does his style better. He said his opposition isn't a better rapper and tried to call his opponent the planters man. Abel Abilities then began to rhyme and accused Mic Phenom of getting his body thrown in a refrigerator. He compared his opponent to hot ass corn beef and accused him of premature ejaculation on a first date. He accused his opposition of looking like a broken condom when he puts a sweater on. He asked his challenger how he was supposed to battle him when he's battling health. He said that he only came to the rap clash to watch his opponent battle himself. Mic Phenom won this round of the rap battle in my opinion.

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