Thursday, August 5, 2010

Grind Time Now presents: 24/7 vs Reverse Live

Reverse Live started the rap battle calling 24/7 Doug Funny and asked when did he start becoming a hard acting thug in fact he compared him to all the Doug funny characters. He said when his opponent raps everybody drops there bears and think that the cops are in the building and compared him to Kanye West because he's always rapping with The Wire on. This emcee also had jokes about his opponents school days as well and accused him of entering basket ball tournaments under the name white chocolate. He claimed that his opposition should be doing river rafting. 24/7 started flowing next and claimed that Reverse Live hasn't been the the same since Topr and Sahtyre beat him in a cypher. He said that his challenger has been drowning since those two match ups but said he would baptize them further and he reminded me of a somebody reciting a poetry at a slam contest. He called his opponent a fat guy that who tries to rob Mc Donald's for nothing more than something to eat. He said that he would break his adversary down then turn the place into a vacant town and called Reverse Live a clown that wouldn't make it. He said that he was bringing something new when he come to fight but he said that he has a style that many other use and called him a biter as well as a born loser. In this round of the rhyme battle it was a tie so far in my opinion.

In round two Reverse Live went in and started to flow saying that 24/7 is camps personal bitch who would do anything to be in the Gauntlet and accusing him of cleaning up vomit. He said that he watched the movie White boys to dig up his opponents and said that a convincing tough accent isn't something that his opponent has because he looks like a bitch boy version of Peter Pan. His main focus seemed to be to call his opposition a Wig-Ga that fakes like he's hard. 24/7 called Reverse Live so bib he uses a rake as a salad fork and accused him of looking from a character from dumb and dumber he just took a little long to get the words out then he said i'll bet your blood type is O yeah. He called himself as bad as it gets aka the captain and said his opponents swagger is a mess. He accused his challenger of eating Mexican food. The last punchline he said was that he should put his rivals mother in knock his opponents mother out cold just to let him see what a vegetable looks like. This round of the cypher was a tie.

In round three Reverse Live said don't listen to 24/7 because back in the days he was the same guy competing in battles over the computer with his key board typing out the rhymes. He said that he probably never freestyle raps and said his opponent reminds him of a weather blowing. He tried to call his rival weak and accused him of having a fake New York accent. He said that he'd leave his oppositions face looking like a mask. He made it clear that he was with Grind Time from the start and said
his opposition isn't worth of being able to rap in this tournament. 24/7 went in saying that Reverse Live made a mistake of telling him that he can't freestyle then brought up the fact that he mentioned something in his last match up that makes him contradict him self at this point. He said that his opponent took a loss from Sahtyre, 9DM, and Topr. He said that the last battle Reverse Live was in he lost to a British Mc. 24/7 won this last round of the tournament.

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