Thursday, August 5, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: AC (Amazin Crack) vs Ivan Da Great

AC (Amazin Crack) started the rhyme battle first asking Ivan Da Great what his name is and said his guns would put his opposition in the sky. He said that he would shoot him at Starbucks and turn it into a Red Cafe. He said that him and his opposition are two different type of dudes and tried to call his adversary a homo sexual. He claims that he has sex with his oppositions mother than called her worthless broad. He said that he fisted that girls vagina until he broke her cervix walls. He tried to call his adversary a disgrace and basically ended his verse talking about how he would mutilate him and scatter his body parts around. Ivan Da Great said to started his rap verse claiming that AC (Amazin Crack) embarrassed his whole entire city and claimed that Soul Khan exposed his opponent for being a cross dresser. He accused his challenger of getting dissed by Iron Solomon and said something about MATH HOFFA said it was a bad thing. He said he's not trying to hear anything his rival has to say and called himself a beast and a monster that get girls. He accuse his opponent of taking JR writers rhymes and a little bit of Cassidy. He told his opponent that his songs are like Vh1 shows all reality. Ivan Da Great won this round rap cypher.

In the second round of the rhyme battle AC (Amazin Crack) went up to spit again and said that his opposition was right because he had been out for a year. He said that he was back on a different note and put his middle finger up at his rival. He then started to get on the horror core tip with the rhymes and said acknowledged it by saying he has a scary flow. He told a story about his oppositions mother and said he use to serve her drugs. He compared his opponent to cereal and tried to imply he would jack him. Ivan Da Great went in soon after started to spit a verse and he said screw his opponents opinions and said that he was gonna spit pure facts. He called his challengers name ridiculous and he told him to explain himself cross dressing. He compared his rap flow to bat and said he would give him head shots like a dentist with a needle. He said that if his opponent died and got cremated he'd piss in his ashes and said that he had a sexual transmitted disease in his mouth. Ivan Da Great won this round of the rap cypher.

In the third round of this rhyme battle AC (Amazin Crack) said if he talks then his gun would kick back. He said that in his eyes his opponent can't see him and said he would give him 3d clips. He called his opponent his son and said it was only right that he beats him.he said he would slice him and started to get on his horror core rap style some more. The last thing this man said was that his opposition looks like a diva. Ivan Da Great went into spit next and told him to prepare for dissing. He called AC (Amazin Crack) flow ass crack and he should die in an air collision. He said he would leave his opponent hooked to a respirator which would leave his air conditioned and said that just because he was on doesn't mean that his lines are hot. He said he was getting head from his adversary's mother in Albany and said that his opponent runs like All American athletes. Ivan Da Great won this round of the cypher.

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