Monday, August 16, 2010

UVA 3 Da Champion battle GTV Young Kriss vs Squrillz

Squrillz started off the rhyme battle saying that all this rapping a lot of people take for a joke and seemed to had made a quick slick comment about Young Kris's breath. He said he would oppose his adversary's set and said he would leave him in the bushes. He claimed that this year was his and compared himself to Jay-z. He claimed that he wouldn't have to pop his trunk because his adversary would get bent on an elephant trunk. Young Kriss then went in to start rapping bragging about he sleeps with peoples mother. He compared himself to a croƻton and said he keeps the tool palmed. He seemed to be bringing up about his adversary living on Brook Street and moving. He seemed to be spitting an off the top freestyle battle. This round of the cypher was a tie in my opinion.

In the second round of the hip hop battle Squrillz went in and compared this battle to easy bake. He said that he would keep it cool because he doesn't wanna fight Young Kriss in his family. He said that he would get his adversary's food chewed up. He kept on comparing his opponent to different foods and said he would leave him across the street. He implied that he should leave him in the pond. Young Kriss went in and started rapping next and said that he's like and spit about having sex with Squrillz's girl. He threatened to his challenger with a brick for thinking he is too G for television. He didn't hesitate to call this rap cypher his. He started to freestyle towards the end. I would say Young Kriss's delivery was what made him stand out. This round of the competition was a tie in my opinion.

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