Sunday, August 15, 2010

UVA 3 Da Champion battle GTV HI C vs Squrillz

Squrillz told HI C that he doesn't really want the beef to pop and spoke about what he gets high off of. He said that speakers stop when he steps into the room and bragged about his women. He implied he would leave his opponents brains on his lap and said he would spit on his rival. HI C then went in and started rhyming. He told Squrillz o turn around and leave because he has no hope and said that his nigga's need o get taped up because they are some broke dudes. He compared his money to he last supper and mentioned his click The Bully Gang. I'm mad that he said his adversary probably never even been to Hartford when that's where the cypher is taking place. He tried to imply that he sleeps with his opponents girl and it makes her late for schedule. Squrillz won this round of the rhyme battle in my opinion he just seemed more prepared like he knows what he is doing. HI C wasn't bad but his adversary just seemed more structured.

In the second round of the rap battle Squrillz asked if someone could confirm who HI C was but referred to him as being a stupid nigga. He threatened to put a whole in his chest and called his opposition a bum. He threw in some freestyle raps in this round of the match talking about his rival wearing open toe sandals. He then described how he'd shoot away at his opponent and talked about how he would eat him up trying to use prison terms then gave a shout out to the blood gang. The last thing he said was that his rival doesn't want beef when them things cock and blast. HI C then went in compared his Squrillz life to midget people and spoke about the OG's that he knows who changed there lives around. He started spitting another rhyme and then messed up during his verse then took a long pause to catch his breath. Squrillz won this round of the rap battle without a doubt.

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