Sunday, August 15, 2010

iBlaze Vs Punahele

The first round of this rap tournament was started by iBlaze and seemed pretty confident that he would beat Punahele. He tried to imply like he knew what his opponent was going to say about him and asked him if he really thought he could beat him wearing the clothes he was rocking and called him a fat bastard that's slow. He also compared him to Apple Bee's and called him fat dick rider. He accused his adversary of watching Willy Wanka while he eats nerds and said him a spoiled child that hasn't lived the street life and isn't a gangster. He said that he wants to crack his opponent just for acting. He said that to go up against him you have to have reach like Chad Dawson and mentioned his home boys in the back. Punahele said that he came to end iBlaze's life and leave him with no hope. He seemed to be rapping about his challenger as if he was a cigarette and he tried to call him a midget version of Chris Styles. He said that his opponent must be King Ryma's son. He seemed to be freestyle rapping. He was just saying anything talking about Star Trek and Star Wars. He said that his adversary looks like Fredo from Grind Time and ended his verse complimenting his challenger on his man boobs. iBlaze won this round of the tournament

In the second round of what seemed be a freestyle battle he emcee known as iBlaze jumped in and said he wanted to treat Punahele like Ric Flare, slap him. He tried to imply that his adversary wasn't reckless then wished horrible things on his opponent. He said that his adversary is dreaming if he thinks he killed him and implied that he was on some Freddy Krueger trip. He said that his opponent is a feather weight and got real hype in the delivery. He accused his adversary of only spitting funny jokes and fighting weird. iBlaze had a funny part when he told him he should have stayed hom and ate his Gram Crackers, that was slick He said that he spits lethal and mentioned Speedy, Trigga, Blaze and tried to say that that they were roasting the competition. Next it was time for the rapper known as Punahele to rhyme next and he said that the man known as iBlaze compared him to someone else and said hat he was just doing him. He accused his adversary of having sausage fest's at his house and made comments on the guys weight trying to imply that he's a lazy video gamer. He obviously spitting a freestyle rap verse and started to get on his adversary's girl calling her a fat ass. I'm mad he threw a Snickers bar at him, was it that serious? He accused his adversary of acting like a diva when he's hungry. This was too funny at least Punahele didn't give up. iBlaze won this round of the rap competition.

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