Tuesday, August 31, 2010

DON'T FLOP DOUBLES - QF - Tenchoo/Lego Vs Sensa/Deffinition

Sensa started the freestyle battle and Deffinition joined him in imitating how a rehearsal between Tenchoo and Lego would have gone. It was somewhat funny but very clever and Definition imitated with a speech impediment. They seemed to be trying to imply that Tenchoo isn't black and they both joined together and called seemed to be calling there opponent a horse. These two mc's joined together to say fuck Tenchoo and say that Shin-obi is better. Lego started rapping for his team next with his funny ass delivery and said that he could tell that Definition likes Star Wars. He flicked his opponent off with a middle finger and cursed at him and Tenchoo jumped in saying his adversary probably has a vibrator in the same shape as a light saver. Lego tried to imply that Sensa has anal beads and tried to imply that Definition is scared of Flex Digits. This round of the freestyle battle was a tie in my opinion.

In the second round of the lyrical match Sensa said yo check it when I bust a flow and said the Canadian judges judged Tenchoo not worthy enough of competing in there league. Definition said that his adversary looks like a shaved version of a Star Wars character. He said that in his family his rival is white and said that his adversary would grow an afro to prove his blackness. Definition said that both of these rappers suck and made fun Tenchoo's girl. Sensa had a truly funny performance and ended his verse saying the only thing that makes Tenchoo blacker than his friends is the dad he never met. The rapper otherwise known as Tenchoo confronted the last statement that his adversary made. Lego jumped in and said that his challenger is not sicker and told him to suck a Germans cock. Tenchoo accused Definition of having spunk flavored chewing gum and called him a useless cunt and said he was feeling like the battle was really a two on one. Lego finished off saying that he sleeps with This round of the cypher was a tie in my opinion.

In the third round of the rap cypher Sensa said easily he could have Lego's mother beg for an evening and Definition claimed to be giving a warning to the kids of today. Sensa seemed to be confronting the remarks that were made about him being racist. He said something about jerk chicken and called himself white and said that Tenchoo is till pale in comparison. Sensa then tried to mock Lego and imitate him implying that he has Alzheimer's. Definition then ended his verse with a deep metaphor. Tenchoo called his two opponents fagots and said he would leave them both running. He also managed to make nose jokes about his adversary as well. He accused Definition of sucking dick and nuts. Lego seemed to have compared Sensa to a vampire. This round of the rhyme battle was a tie in my opinion

In the fourth round of the rap cypher Lego went into rap and said that Definition's CD is called I am a cunt and countered what his opponents said about said about Tenchoo earlier. He accused Sensa of acting tough and thinking every guy in Brighton is a fagot. Lego seemed to have thought that Definition was checking out Crueger's ass. Tenchoo then spit that he was supposed to be battling Amos and Evil Eyez. Definition went in for his team saying that Tenchoo spit some gay stupid bars. Sensa continued to talk about how no one in his house likes Lego bricks. Definition accused his adversary of bringing his girl to rap battles for dating purposes. This round of the battle was taken by Tenchoo and Lego by a little bit more in my opinion.


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