Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pit Fights mo betta vs gutta redz

Gutta redz went in to the cypher saying now that he has mo betta attention and made fun of his name. He tried to call his opponent plain and said he was mad at him because he knows better. He called his adversary Chung Lee and talked about his girl then talked about her as if he was Mr Miyagi. mo betta went in to the match immediately dissing gutta redz girl and claims that she creeps with him when he is away. He called his opponent sick and in need of TLC. This was a hot verse that he prepared. He ended by saying that he would never mess with his challengers mother and compared her to a character from the sitcom Martin. This round of the rhyme battle was a tie in my opinion.

Gutta redz started out the second verse implying that he must be John Cena because mo betta can't see him. He claimed that rapping about guns are too easy and implied he would give his opponent sweet chin music. He tried to call his opposition a cry baby who get emotional when watching The Lion King and listening to The Circle Of Life. mo betta started off by saying something about the pencil complex. He proclaimed to be big headed and Conceited when he started to rhyme. He said that his oppositions Okwerdz mean nothing He said that he is something to see and seemed to be comparing it Jay-z vs his father. This guys metaphors were so strong he didn't even have to wild out. This round of the punchline battle was a tie.

In the third round of the rap cypher Gutta redz started off saying that mo betta's breath smells like horse feces. He said that he doesn't rhyme about blasting heat. He called himself Goldberg and said if he does make Grind Time he hopes Hollow Da Don wishes death on him and also mentioned Arsonal and Okwerdz. He called himself Q tip and said he would make his breathing stop. Mo betta told Gutta redz that he would take a beating. He said that his adversary doesn't have a gun so he doesn't wanna hear about any. He told his adversary that he could lose his life over music. He said that his opponent is dumb. Mo betta won this round of the rhyme battle.

In the fourth round of the rap battle the rapper known as Mo betta asked Gutta redz a question and said he heard his oppositions writtens. He said that his opponents dogs he'd Mike Vic and called him the worst with rapping. He said that his adversary doesn't have the slightest chance of winning. He seemed to have ran out of things to say because he was free-styling. Gutta redz then went in to spit and asked if the organizers were serious because Mo betta was so old. He claimed that his adversary shouldn't have any street credit and tried to imply that he was ugly and sick. He made dental jokes towards the end of his verse. Gutta redz won this round of the rhyme battle



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