Tuesday, August 17, 2010

AHAT Rap Battle: Nov vs Fatz (rematch)

Nov started the rhyme battle first and threatened Fatz blood on his mans shirt and accused him of cross dressing. His first few bars had a strong delivery and said his opponent would get knocked out cold then lie and say that he slipped. I'm mad he rhymed photo shop with photo shop. He tried to call his adversary a punk and accused him of acting like a thug. He tried to imply that his adversary was a transvestite. Fatz said that the lyrics Nov spit wasn't tight and put him to sleep. He was thorough at putting words together. He claimed that his challenger shouldn't even be able o touch the same microphone as him. He even had a hot punchline game and just good of a delivery. His last metaphor about Mount Rushmore was hot. Fatz won this round of the rap cypher was a tie

In the second round of the cypher Nov called Fatz flow garbage and said he doesn't shoot guns. He compared his opponent to Jennifer Hudson and said that he is addicted to rap. He called his adversary a dick head that sucks. It was now time for Fatz to spit his verse and he went hard. He called Nov a geek and said he would dissect him. He compared rapping to tying his tennis shoe but is it me or does his arms get real anxious and start shaking when he rhyming? It's not really a bad thing I just never payed it any attention before. He said that he could freestyle for a long time. You could feel his intense energy and his last statement was hard it's good that he didn't waste his breath taking punchlines. He seemed to using his challengers formula against him which is to spit a whole bunch of straight metaphors some of them hot with an extra hard delivery which can sometimes make a whack rhyme sound ill. Fatz won this round of the tournament.

In the third round of the charismatic rap stars Nov went next and told Fatz he wasn't a drug dealer. He called his opponent a Wig-Ga . He went in and accused his adversary of missing his man hood which was the best punchline that I heard him say throughout the cypher. He seemed to have made up a story about how his opponent spent his days in prison and tried to call that character from Shallow Hal. His closing punchline was hot. Fatz went in to rap he called Nov half dwarf half goat. He accused his challenger of being a cell phone sales man and called him a midget. Dam his lyrical skills were crazy he called him a nit wit. He accused his adversary of masturbating Ratchet. Fatz won this round of the cypher by a very little in my opinion.



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