Tuesday, August 24, 2010


COSMOSE started the rhyme battle first with a lyrical flow talking crap about BUDDY. He compared his opponent catching his balls to Pokemon and suggested he called somebody up. His delivery was funny I thought it had a poetic essence to it. He told his adversary that he is in New Jersey and that he should take his ho mo act to the village. He made fun of his opponents job and made a few African jokes on him. He was real creative and he tried to claim that he drops hot shit. BUDDY then went into spit during his round of the rap cypher claiming that he went to battle for Smack / URL and was unprepared. He compared COSMOSE's style to Vodka and said that he had no taste and asked him if he thinks money grows on trees. He compared himself to a gorilla and his opponent to a chump. His delivery sounded more hungry. He then started to go in and talk about his opponents girl and said he caught him slipping and shot him. This round of the rhyme tournament was a tie.

In the second round of the match COSMOSE went in to spit he cursed at BUDDY and said if he was friends with his opponent he would've told him not to battle Dayze. He said that he's gonna have to leave his adversary with shattered ribs and accused his girl of asking for him and talked about her head game. He accused his opponent of faking like his chest is big and claimed to be his step father. He tried to call his adversary a virgin. BUDDY claimed to have did his research on COSMOSE and said that the man had a battle with Ashwin and called it ass. He tried to imply that he was rapping against Hurricane Chris and said that he texted his girl to tell her as well. He warned his challenger about putting his hands on him trying to imply that he could beat his ass. It sounded like he was free-styling towards the end of his verse. This round of the rap cypher was a tie in my opinion.

In the third round of the lyrical clash COSMOSE went in to it rhyming and said he dislikes BUDDY and told him he won't win. He said he would hit him with a steel chair and said that he knows dudes who play with guns and was interrupted you might say He said that his opposition listens to the Sex Pistols. He claimed that his hands hit kids in there ribs. He started saying anything and spitting freestyle raps and cursing at his opposition some more. BUDDY went in to the rap battle seeming to giving a story on how the cypher came to be. He jumped in talking about what he grew up around as a kid. He said that he puts his back to the wall and can never get his back kick. He said that he dares COSMOSE and C4 and Lethal would be going half on his casket. He said that his challenger ain't a real dude and he said that real nigga's don't deal with him. BUDDY won this round of the MC clash.



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