Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Chicago Battlegrounds Vol. 4: Charcol Papi vs Dizzy Moe

Charcol Papi went in to start the first round of this rhyme battle in the first talking about his last and claimed to have a silencer on his gun. He accused Dizzy Moe of struggling with fire arm like president Obama and compared this battle to Nas and Jay-z's. He claimed that his nigga's are ready to ride like chauffeurs and tried to imply that he would scatter his body parts around the world and called him a bitch. He then finished off his cypher telling his opponent to forget about this battle like amnesia. Dizzy Moe claimed that he didn't even wanna battle at first and aid he could give him a hot slug where his mug is at. He said he'd have little nigga's run to Charcol Papi crib like the Rug-rats . It was thorough the way he incorporated cartoon characters into his punchines. He said that his adversary is not real and it seemed like he had his eyes closed throughout a lot of the cypher. This round of the cypher was a tie in my opinion.

In the second round of the battle Charcol Papi said that there are to many gentlemen trying to be gangsters. He told Dizzy Moe that he wasn't tough and claimed to know women that would hurt him. He said that his squad would put every dude in a box that's in his circle. He aid that he is the reason that dudes don't leave there house at a certain time. He claimed to run with Chicago Bears and said that his bad boys would leave wholes in his adversary's chest the size of Notorious B.I.G. He thinks that the game needs him like 50 cent. Dizzy Moe started by calling Charcol Papi a lame no name and claimed to have been active since 06 and told him not to lie about guns. He told him to go get any body that he wants to because he would let his gun go off and leave his brains hanging. He bragged about all the money he has and ended his verse by cursing at his opposition. This round of the rap cypher was a tie in my opinion as well.

In the third round of this rap cypher Charcol Papi went in asking the crowd thought Dizzy Moe would be a challenge and said that he would run circles around him with rhymes. He claimed that he could shake him with one punchline and said that being hit by one of his metaphors is like getting struck by lightning. He told his opposition not to lie about being a baller and claimed that his guns blast off like rocket ships. He compared himself to white supremacy as well. Dizzy Moe started his rap verse talking about his guns and told Charcol Papi not to say he has his game tight. He told his opponent not to say he has a record deal since he came with fake Nike's. Dizzy Moe seemed to maybe have won this round in my opinion.


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