Saturday, August 28, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: Shabazz vs Saheed

Shabazz started the rap cypher first and said that people know that he is he boss of any MC and said he'd leave his brains all messed up. He claimed that he'd turn Saheed's brains into Angel Dust and he said his double barrel would mess up the short bus and the double dutch bus. He asked why his opponent came to the cypher and said that he would shoot him. He compared his adversary to the Dixie chicks and said he would toss a snake into his nervous system. He claimed to be the best when handling fat nigga's and said he shake and scraps nigga's. He said that he messes MC's up and advised his adversary to stop. Saheed went in to rhyme next and said when he found out he was up against him he thought it was a tie and told a story about how he came to battle him. He said his challengers name makes him sound like Jerry Curl juice and he accused his opponent of being a nerd who reads science books while he masturbates. He continued to make fun of his adversary's looks and called him a skinny little fucker. Saheed's verse seemed way more interactive and deserving to win this round so he won this round in my opinion.

Shabazz started this round of the rap cypher calling himself the poetic pistol play piranha. He asked why are mother fucker laughing and making jokes. He claimed that he could flood Saheed's block and said he'd massacre his opposition. He claimed to fuck up his army and division or something of that nature. He tried to get super lyrical in this round of the cypher and seemed to have warned his adversary a few times. He advised his adversary to shut up again. He asked his adversary what he was trying to prove. Saheed went in to rap and said Shabazz looks homeless and said that his flow is sloppy. He accused his adversary of having no style when he spits his rhymes. He claimed to blast a bazooka gun and told him to call his mommy to tell her she got beaten by him. He ended his verse claiming that he wanted to slap his adversary. Saheed won this round of the rhyme battle. In the third round of the match up.

In the third round of this lyrical battle Shabazz jumped back into the cypher making his presents known and said watch how we flip this. He made fat jokes about his Saheed and said that he blast a bazooka gun and advises his crew to run. He said that he pumps diesel in his punchlines and said that he is the realest. He told all the fat people in the building to do a back flip as well. Saheed started his rap verse saying he needs to change his rap style up and started messing up and had a bit of a pause. He jumped back in and had a pretty close to clean freestyle verse. In my opinion Saheed won this round of the rhyme battle.

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