Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rumble in the Jungle: Dspiize vs Skitzo

Skitzo went in to the battle Dspiize claiming to be a hustler and said to peep his structure but his voice was kind of quiet. He seemed to describing slinging in a poetic form. He was quite lyrical when rhyming and said he would chew his opponents face off. He described driving in a bucket like it was a hover craft. He seemed to have ended his verse spitting double time. He ended his bars basically calling time on him self. Dspiize went in claiming that he can't be matched because he is unsurpassed with wits and said that his rhymes are past Skitzo grips. He was a super syllabic rapper and said that he heard extensive rumors about his adversary clutching rugers. He said that his adversary is proof that the man up stairs has a sense of humor and he started claiming with his phone he could access the matrix. He seemed to be calling him self a pesticide and claimed that he could get in to his opponents mind. He said so many things at once and he kind of reminded me of a mad scientist. He seemed to be saying that his adversary got beat by D boy This round of the rap cypher was kind of a tie in my opinion.

In the second round of the Skitzo went in saying lets get lyrical and implied that flowers die when he walks past them and told Dspiize to dig himself a ditch. He said that he leaves battle rappers suffering from post traumatic stress. He spent his verse trying to spit using intellectual words. He clearly has been doing this for a minute if I had to guess and seemed to be freestyle rapping but very quickly ended his rap verse. Dspiize asked Skitzo about his super thugs and said there is no chance of his adversary surviving. He compared his chances of winning to an infant getting slapped to a big ass Silver back and said that he'd treat his oppositions life like lightning and take it in a flash. He even mentioned syllables and predicates. He had a diabolic mind and he compared his opponents penis to a roach and compared doing his opponent wrong to chasing cars with broken mufflers. Dspiize won this round of the cypher.

In the third round of the rhyme battle Skitzo went in spitting and seemed to be telling Dspiize bull dog in your face. He said something about how they did Eric Sermon in Patterson fist fights. He claimed he was getting money and said the cops ran up on him and he ate the bags. He was talking about bribing cops and living the street life getting fast cash. He seemed to be drunk but his performance was entertaining. He seemed to be running the clock out just trying to say anything. Dspiize went into this rap cypher saying Skitzo seemed to be a strange kid that farts in the tub and tries to bite the bubbles. He called him self an insane beast and said his adversary would never match up. He said that his opponents birth certificate was an apology from a condom factory. He said that he would leave his challengers girl missing and said his his rhymes were scattered. Dspiize won this round of the lyrical freestyle cypher in my opinion.

In the fourth round of the rap cypher Dspiize went in talking about how he rips kids with swift speech. He said that Skitzo beating him is a figment of imagination. He called himself a hot tempered mentor and said that he would not lecture. He said that he would bring his challenger to his knees like the failure of a samurai and claimed that he baffles minds and flips scripts.He then compares what he would do to his challenger to Scorpion taking off his mask. Skitzo went in to rap against Dspiize and told him to take his own life. He said that his hood molds men while his adversary's molds mice. He claimed to be a genius and the crisp and cleanest. He ran out of things to say and started freestyle rapping. It was cool how laid back he was throughout this whole thing. Dspiize won this round of the rap battle.

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