Thursday, August 26, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: M. Ciddy vs Supreme Court

In the first round of the rhyme battle Supreme Court seemed to be complaining about being put up against his adversary. He said that his M. Ciddy name was either an attempt to be silly or just a lame attempt to imitate P.Diddy. He called out Godzilla and called him an over grown lizard. He claimed to have a custom body bag that was fit especially for his opponent. He said he would keep his adversary's mother comforted with the family jewels. M. Ciddy went in to rhyme calling Supreme Court a lucky man to get a battle from him because he could've been making money back where he is from. He told his adversary that he don't want the hands and accused him of being the type to try on Buffy Pants. He called challenger a sucker brand and made old man jokes on him. He was a lyrical rapper and sounded like he flows better over a beat than his opponent. M. Ciddy won this round of the rap battle.

In the second round of the rhyme battle Supreme Court went into it and claimed that the whole division is embarrassed and called his M. Ciddy's style generic. He then showed the crowd that he can rap like him. He said that his adversary sounds like a smack reject so it seems and threatened to smack him as well. He alternative names for his opponent and talked about straight up beating his ass. I liked his militant rap style mad unique. M. Ciddy then went into spit his bars and asked Supreme Court his opponent how he was a threat when his real name is Courtney Houston and said that his name sounds Unisex. He seemed to be accusing his opposition of having bad fashion sense in this round. This round of the rap cypher was a tie.

In the third round of the MC clash Supreme Court countered the rhyme M. Ciddy made about him losing to Deastro Dollar and said that he thought he won that battle. He tried to cal his adversary a nerd when he was younger and got lyrical. He accused his adversary of having nappy headed ho's. M. Ciddy went into this battle being sarcastic and said that Supreme Court ain't running shit. He claimed that his challenger was 35 and called himself a PlayStation 3. He said that his adversary would get out shined on a song feature from Brix, Hustle, pc, star eater, syah boy, and godzilla. M. Ciddy won this round of the battle in my opinion by a little bit more.

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