Monday, August 23, 2010

Chicago Battlegrounds Vol. 4: Oxymoron vs K Streetz

Oxymoron started the rap clash first talking about the liquor he has been drinking and said that he should smack the smile off of K Streetz for acting wild. He tried to imply that his adversary is a thief. He said that he kills the scene with his lyrical ability and invited him to talk about his race. He said he would chop his oppositions head. He tried to call his opponent a punk that runs to his mother in times of trouble. He told his adversary to step up his weak bars and called him a lame nothing. He claimed to be serving his adversary work. He eneded his verse showing off his syllabic ability. K Streetz went into rap next and claimed that he moves bags all the way to the bank and claims that he laughs at Oxymoron. He started rhyming syllabic then called his opposition a goofy ass. He called his opponent a Mario brother and claimed that he would smother him. He called his adversary a homo child molester. He said he would put a 40 caliber gun on his challenger. He told his opposition if he spits crack then he himself is a lethal injection and claimed that he was here to correct him. He referred to his adversary being a Gecko and said that he hope there was insurance on him. K Streetz won this round of the rap cypher.

In the second round of the rhyme battle Oxymoron went in and started off by trying to imply that K Streetz messes with under age illegal chicks. He claimed that after he got done screwing with his opponents girl she wouldn't shut up about how homo he is and then he told him to play his part. He claimed that he knows his rival is homo and said something about him faking the funk He said that his opponent only sees heat during the three summer months. He had strong lyrical flow towards the end of his verse. K Streetz hopped in this round of the rhyme battle soon after and said that Oxymoron is a lame an called his flow a low down dirty shame. He said a tranquilizer couldn't tame him and he said he would pop him out his blazer. He then switched it up and started mocking his opponent and accused him of having a fat sloppy hoe. He called his adversary spits whack rhymes. K Streetz won this round of the rap battle.

In the third round of this cypher Oxymoron went in claiming he would ruin K Streetz evening and claimed he would ruin him on basic simple reasons. He accused his adversary of being a super diva and seemed to have accused his girl of eating his feces. The crowd couldn't seem to handle that one and got sort of rowdy. He claimed to be a little to cocky and called his opposition a geek. K Streetz jumped into this battle right after and tried to call himself an MVP. He said that Oxymoron would need more than a prayer stepping up to him. He seemed to be implying that he beat his opponent by a land slide in round two and didn't see a reason for a rounds three. He called his challengers flow mild. He said it's a beautiful day in the neighbor hood and said he would cut his fingers off. He implied that his adversary should just call himself a moron and forget the rest of his name

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