Sunday, August 22, 2010


HAZMAT started the rhyme battle talking about how emcees brag about there chips but claimed he was on something different. He also spit about swallowing bullets and his 38 special. He looked at SPLIFF and called himself a beast. He seemed to pointing at KROOK and called him ironic. He seemed to be rapping about both of hs opponent's without saying there name so if was getting on any body if ever he was getting on any body. I wasn't sure who he was threatening for snitching on him or if t was in general. SPLIFF then went in to rhyme and seemed to be calling HAZMAT a turrets ass nigga. He claimed he would leave holes in both of his opposition's and claimed that in 03 he was learning how to make heat. He bragged about slaying KROOK's girl and claimed to get waist deep in his oppositions girl. He finished off by accusing HAZMAT of having ashy elbows. It was time for the MC named KROOK to start his verse next. He claimed to be getting sick and tired of his two opponents and seemed to be threatening HAZMAT to be the next ingredients in his grandmother stuffing. He seemed to have compared SPLIFF to Lil Wayne and said he gets accused of lying. He said when he puts the guns to his challengers mouth he doesn't wanna hear nothing. He ended his bars comparing bullets to spear. This round of the lyrical battle was a tie.

In the second round of the cypher HAZMAT went in and started rapping and said bitch please then he bragged about how he has guns that shoot at a sick speed. he implied about blasting from a roof. He seemed to be trying to imply that his opponent wasn't gangster. He acted like he forgot his lines but he was joking and called his adversary a swine. He said that he is the hottest nigga walking and claimed that he can't be tamed. He claimed that he spits fire and compared his skill to court side seats. He even mentioned that he had a 357 and called one of his oppositions a pot head. It was then time SPLIFF to start spitting his bars and told a story about getting head from HAZMAT's girl. He said that he would introduce his challenger to his guns and asked him if he had punchlines. He called both of his adversaries fags an asked him if he knew what chicks are and went in about shooting them. It seemed like he was getting on HAZMAT most of the time. KROOK went in threatening to shoot somebody but I could't really tell who and claimed that he competes quite often. He said that his challengers seen two of his guns and said it was time to show them the third. He was real slow when putting his word together. He seemed to be saying he would put HAZMAT in a trash bag. This round of what almost seemed to be a freestyle battle was a tie.

In the beginning of round three of the cypher it was started by HAZMAT using the styling on you line and said it would take more than one punch to stop him. He named a bunch of military weapons and claimed that would need all of them to stop him. He called one of his opposition's girls the greatest mother in the world for preparing his kids. SPLIFF then jumped in the match and asked why must his two challengers that he referred to as clowns battle him. He said hat his opponents try to play him when the game is on they self. He compared KROOK's swagger to butter and claimed it would melt when he heats it. He said that his gun could pop and turn skates into roller blades and said HAZMAT reminds him of Alice and Wonderland. He ended by saying his adversary a couple cookies without the crisp. KROOK went in and claimed that he would bring a gun out all chrome. He accused HAZMAT of trying to be a gangster and compared him to a G1. He spit more cell phone references and had a funny performance. He accused his opponent of sprinting when he pulled out his heat. He had a few sport punchlines as well and talked about his fitted hat. KROOK won this round of the lyrical clash.

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