Tuesday, August 31, 2010

DON'T FLOP - Mixy Vs Eyez

Eyez started the rap battle first and said Mixy has nasty germs and probably brushes his teeth with his fathers sperm. He accused his adversary of kissing his male companion. He tried to get lyrical and set the bar pretty high for his rival to compete with. He said that his oppositions girl doesn't love him and made fun of her pussy. He even wished death on his adversary's kids and accused him of getting circumcised. Mixy went in to rap next and claimed he was there to leave eyes with there visions impaired. He was lyrical and had a thorough performance he said that his adversary was boring and old him to go back to snoring. In my opinion Mixy out shined his rival and won this round of the rap cypher.

Eyez went into the next round of this cypher calling Mixy a bitch and threatened to kick him in the ribs. He tried to freestyle and just kept calling his rival all types of names. He seemed to have messed up in the middle of spitting his rap verse. He even spit about the cereal his opposition eats and accused him of eating the fridge. He broke down his rivals whole life in a lyrical freestyle. Mixy said that Eyez was getting lashed and said that he would cut through his retina. He said that he rhymes hot enough to turn eyes in to a cyclops and there was lost video footage so i'm not sure how much I missed. He told his challenger not to be lazy and told him to go to an optician. He tried to imply that his opposition has no style,. This round of the rhyme battle was a tie.

In the third round of the cypher Eyez asked Mixy if he thinks he is something famous and seemed to be accusing him of raping his little brother. He claimed to know he was already was gonna lose. He was free-styling and threatened to beat him up and cut him and his father up. Mixy said that Eyez seems so sure that he was gonna win this match. He mocked his adversary and said that his adversary's life lacks flavor. He said he would take him back to home and batter him at the academy. He said his adversary would never win but they appreciate the fact that he took part. Mixy won this round of the rap cypher


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