Sunday, August 29, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: Nfact vs Stitch

Stitch started rap battling first saying lets get it in and claimed that Young Gattas was scared to battle her. She said that she wasn't surprised that Nfact was anxious to rap against her and tried to imply that her opponent was a pussy. She claimed that the last time her opponent got approached by a girl was when he was two years of age and from what she claims the girl was using her. She called him a fruit loop and claimed that he must have a death wish. She ended by claiming the day would be deemed in her honor. Nfact then went in to rap and accused his Stitch of sucking at life. He said that's like him grabbing a dish out of her hand and showing her how to scrub it right as if she was a dish washer. He said that three words that she has heard throughout her busted life is what's the price and tried to imply that she is a ho. his lyrical skills were thorough. He accused hid challenger of getting abused by her own father. Nfact won this round of the lyrical battle in my opinion.

In the second round of the rap cypher Stitch went in and called Nfact predictable. She called him a penis that can't see past her breasts and said that he got sodomized by his mother. she said that his brother video taped it and claimed then claimed her flow shines with more buffer. She said that there is no muscling her and implied that he would get his hands severed if he touched mikes with her. She ended bringing up his battle with Yadi Supreme and accused him of being an internet thug. Nfact then went in to rhyme next and accused of having a rug burn on her face. He told her to give one good reason why women should vote and said everything that she said was soft. He said that her favorite movie is Set it Off and he claimed that he himself drinks liquor until his mind gets severed. He claimed that his dicks bigger and he drives better. Nfact won this round of the match without a doubt.

In the third round of the lyrical clash Stitch tried to call Nfact a liar and claimed that her beef is with time. It seemed that she was giving a shot out to her mother and her opponents girlfriend. He claimed that he was getting red in the face and called his defense weak. She called herself a queen while he is a pawn and she finished off asking for someone to call time so she could smoke weed. Nfact started off saying hat women can't drive and said that Stitch is no good at parallel parking. He asked why his female she puts on a gangster front and accused he of taking pills to help her grow nuts. Nfact surely won this round of the lyrical rhyming battle.

Get YO GRILLZ on! Many styles to choose from!

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