Wednesday, August 25, 2010

RUMBLE IN THE JUNGLE: Detective Tues vs Flash

Detective Tuesday went in and said that his opponent would just go in and rap about what he isn't about and said he could think of a million ways to take him out. He said that his opponents name is Flash because he can run fast. He said that he would have sex with his opponents girl at the days. He made it clear that he had no concern of what his opposition thought of him. He told his adversrary and he claimed he didn't do much research on him. He was truly thorough with being lyricist. Flash started putting rhymes together next and claimed that he didn't why he even came to this battle. He said a whole bunch of things that he would do like beat Detective Tues up and put his teeth on the ground. He said that he would have sex his opponents sister. he admitted to smoking. He said his he put up against vanilla ice and seemed not be too happy about this match. He tried to accuse his adversary of hanging with homo's. He called his adversary a skate board punk. Flash won this round of the cypher based on lyrics and delivery.

In the second round of the rap battle Detective Tuesday tried to imply that he wasn't very likely to get beat and had many comparisons. He claimed to be messing with Flash's girl friend. He said that his flow got him in a Tantrum and he warned his adversary about dieing. He called his opponent Tyrese and told him to run and invited him to spit another weak verse. Flash went in spitting his verse claiming that Detective Tuesday was about to get his ass kicked. He claimed to be blasted and have no remorse for his opponent.He started to tell a story but he messed up in the middle of it which messed him up. He compared himself to Bruce banner. He seemed to be freestyle rapping part of it. Detective Tues won this round of the rhyme battle.

In the third round of the rap cypher it was started by Detective Tuesday telling Flash what would happen if he messes with him and compared himself to an exit. He tried to call himself a wolf and said that he'd leave a punk up in ruins. He said that he was on some other shit. He said that opponent has the cops on speed dial. Flash went into spit against Detective Tues his verse. He seemed to be freestyle rapping with his elaborate lyrical rhyme style. He didn't last very long though. Detective Tuesday won this round of the rap battle.

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