Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rumble In The Jungle:Cannon Jones vs Uno Lavoz

Cannon Jones jumped right into the rap cypher saying that he be charging for trees and threatened to leave Uno Lavoz stinking like garbage. He laked about flame throwers and said that his wife likes to run trains. he compared his clips to do rags and said he would put them to his rival's head. He seemed to be trying to call himself reptile from Mortal Combat and bragged that he doesn't say anything when the cops come. He spoke about how he stuffs shells without pasta and called his flow cheeks. He said that when he looked up his opponents name all he could find was immigrants. They called time on him soon after and Uno Lavoz jumped right in and started spitting his verse. He spit good and lyrical verse in this round of the rap cypher. He said that he wouldn't stop his raps until he see's Cannon Jones breathing stop and claimed that his flow would be the death of him. He said that his opposition is getting pooped on. He confirmed the fact the he was from Philadelphia and said his challenger was lame. he compared himself to Opium. He said that he was in a different zone from his opponent and seemed to be freesyle rapping a lot of the time. Cannon Jones won this round of the lyrical battle in my opinion because he was just more consistent and flawless for the most part.

In the second round of the rhyme battle and Cannon Jones asked Uno Lavoz what the figure four leg lock was. He asked his adversary why he was acting like a fan and started to say something then slipped up and there go's the consistency. He said his buzz is like a chain saw and his adversary is like bumble bee. He said his oppositions mother let him run a train and said the block is baking and it's hot out side then warned him not to swim in his waters. When he was getting hotter DIGGZ called time on him and he did't seem happy about that at all. Uno Lavoz claimed that battling him wasn't worth the shot and I guess he was trying to warn Cannon Jones. he said that his gun shots would leave his challengers brains higher than urkel's socks. He said nobody seen his rival in the hood and cursed at him talking about he's messing with his girl. He tried to say that his adversary couldn't handle LottaZay He started to mess up when he was spitting. He said his highlight metaphor of this round when he mentioned scattering his opponent. This round of the MC cypher was a tie in my opinion.

In the the round of the somewhat lyrical match Cannon Jones went in saying fuck shooting Uno Lavoz he'd drag you through a forest and claimed t have a pet lion. He told his adversary that he'd beat him with a plastic bat and claimed he makes Tsunami's when he flows like Surf. He claimed that if he punches his adversary he would send him flying and said he wold leave him like a blast from the past. He called his opponent a pussy and started to get souped up and compared going up against him to a cookie going up against milk. His rhymes were creative. Uno Lavoz then started to rhyme and said that he heard who Cannon Jones is down with and said that he himself was starving. He said that would run up on his challengers whole crew and said he runs with C4's that are lethal than mention diggz name. He called him self fast like drinking chemicals from Ali and made a quick pause. he said that he shoots shots like Gin if his opponent acts Serious Jones. He even brought up no can do subleminaly. This round of the rap clash was a tie in my opinion.

In the fourth round of the rap battle Uno Lavoz went in to rhyme and continued to spit rhymes about shooting Cannon Jones. He asked what was the purpose and thought he was scratching the surface. He had a thorough lyrical ability and claimed to have money and you'd think he had a Jaguar. he said that all the mean mugging was making him laugh. He said that a lot of cats think that the hard until they get a gun in there face. Cannon Jones said his last cypher was better than he expected. He said too bad Uno Lavoz didn't get a dose and claimed that his family doesn't breed any pussies. He said to beat him you need the luck of the Irish and a four leaf clover and started bringing up mythical creatures like Poseidon. He assassinated his adversary with crazy lyrical skills. Cannon Jones took this victory with an iron fist in the fourth round of the rhyme battle.



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